Why Should You Not Miss Having A 7 Running Horse Painting?

Wed, Jun 28, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Jun 28, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Why Should You Not Miss Having A 7 Running Horse Painting?

Hello there! Looking to jazz up your life with a touch of prosperity, positive vibes, and good fortune? You've come to the perfect place! Get ready to delve into the intriguing world of Vastu Shastra as we uncover the power of a 7 horse painting and how it can amp up the energy in your home or office.

Why are horses considered auspicious in Vastu Shastra? Well, horses symbolize strength, success, peace, and progress. They embody qualities such as stability, courage, power, strength, and loyalty. When you incorporate a 7 horse painting Vastu or similar artwork into your living space, you invite these positive attributes to flow into your life.

Now let’s immerse in the enchanting universe of Vastu Shastra, where art and energy converge. Delve into the extraordinary benefits of incorporating a 7 running horse painting into your home or office decor. Discover the art of selecting the right running horse painting and explore the strategic positions that can enhance positivity and success in your surroundings.

What is the Significance of Seven Horse Painting in Vastu?

Hanging a seven horse painting in your living space in accordance with Vastu Shastra is believed to have a profound influence on various aspects of your life. The galloping horses represent speed and growth, while the number 7 holds great significance as an auspicious number. You can boost your efforts and welcome positive outcomes by positioning a 7 horse painting in the right direction within your home or office. 

If you want to enhance your business growth or embark on a new entrepreneurial journey, including a seven horse painting in your workplace is highly recommended. For those seeking financial stability or career advancement, placing a 7 horse painting in alignment with Vastu principles can help manifest your desired results.

The auspicious painting of running horses acts as a shield against negative energies, making it an ideal choice for both home decoration and professional spaces. By harnessing the positive vibrations of the 7 horse painting, you can create an environment conducive to success and prosperity.

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Vastu Tips for Placing Your 7 Horse Painting

To optimize the positive effects of your running horse painting Vastu, here are some valuable tips to consider. 

  1. Direction and Symmetry: Ensure that the horses in the painting are depicted running in a straight line or in symmetry, without any obstacles. This portrayal signifies a smooth journey toward success. 

  2. Complete Image: Avoid paintings that show an incomplete image of the seven running horses. It's essential to have a clear and complete representation to attract positive energy.

  3. Positive Background: The wall or background where you place the horse painting Vastu should radiate positivity. Make sure it is clean, vibrant, and does not appear dull.

  4. Delightful and Motivating: Choose a painting that evokes delight and motivation when you look at it. The running horses should create a positive impression and inspire you to achieve your goals.

  5. Color Significance: The color of the 7 running horse painting also holds significance. A painting with a red background influences self-esteem, while blue represents harmony and peace. Grey symbolizes the planets Rahu and Ketu, while white signifies the Moon, representing peace. Orange represents the Sun, symbolizing energy and vitality.

  6. Proportional Size: Select a painting size that is proportional to the room. Avoid choosing a small painting for a large and spacious house, as it may not create the desired impact.

  7. Suitable Medium: Choose mediums such as canvas or wood for the painting or photo frame. These materials are strong and Vastu-friendly, ensuring the longevity and positive influence of the artwork. Avoid using paper as a medium for horse painting or running horse wallpaper.

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Can the 7 Horse Painting be Placed in the Bedroom?

As per Vastu Shastra principles, certain guidelines should be followed when placing decorative items in your home. While the 7 horse painting Vastu is considered lucky and beneficial, it's not recommended for placement in the bedroom, study room, puja room, or above the main door. These areas hold different energies that may not align well with the painting's purpose.

The living room and dining hall are ideal locations for displaying your 7 running horse paintings. These areas serve as central spaces for family gatherings and social interactions, making them perfect for harnessing the positive energies emanating from the painting.

Where to Place the 7 Running Horse Painting in the Office?

Placing a running horse Vastu painting in your office or commercial space can prove auspicious if you're seeking success and progress in your business endeavors. Ideally, the painting should be hung on the south wall of the office, representing success and fame, according to Vastu Shastra. Alternatively, if the south wall is unavailable, the east wall can serve as an alternative location.

When placing the horse painting Vastu in your office, keep in mind some Vastu principles. Ensure that the painting faces the inside of the office, symbolizing the flow of positive energy within the workspace.

How to Choose the Right Direction for Your Seven Horse Painting?

The placement of your 7 horse painting is crucial for maximizing its positive energy. According to Vastu Shastra, the best location for hanging a running horse painting is on the south wall of your house or office. Want to enhance your reputation? Place the horse painting facing south to attract fame and success. If you want to boost your chances of success and fame, consider placing a running horse painting in the south direction.

If it's not feasible to hang the running horse painting on the south wall, don't worry. You have alternative options. The east wall represents career growth, while the north wall signifies wealth and prosperity in the family. For a harmonious and prosperous environment, position it towards the north. And if you're craving career growth, east is the way to go with horse painting as your ally. So choose wisely and let the positive vibes flow! 

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How to Choose the Right Horse Painting Vastu?

To embrace harmony with the 7 horse painting Vastu, the painting can be depicted with a backdrop of the rising Sun, a Moon, or even near the seashore. Each of these variations brings its own unique symbolism and energy to your living space.

  • Sunrise: A painting of seven horses with a rising sun in the background is considered highly auspicious. It is believed to attract success and financial stability into your life.

  • Moon: Some paintings portray running horses with the Moon in the backdrop. This representation signifies peace, progress, and success.

  • Sea: You can also hang a painting of 7 horses running near the seashore. This artwork invites positive energies into your home and amplifies progress in your endeavors.

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To Summarize…

Horses hold a special place in Vastu Shastra, symbolizing power, resilience, courage, and speed. By incorporating a seven horse painting into your living space, you can invite positive energies and set the stage for a prosperous and fulfilling life. Remember to consider the Vastu guidelines for placement, choosing the right direction, maintaining symmetry, and creating a harmonious environment. Let the colors and images of the 7 horse painting inspire and motivate you on your journey toward success.

Embrace the wisdom of Vastu Shastra, and let the galloping horses usher in a new era of abundance, prosperity, and positivity in your life.



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