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As a Vedic Astrologer, I have seven years of experience. I believe Vedic astrology is a science and an art that saves humanity from misery by shedding light on one's Karmic path, allowing them to better understand themselves. Because of my astrological family background, I have always been interested in spirituality and religious activities. When I saw people's faith in astrological predictions as a student, it piqued my interest in learning how horoscopes could be used to predict people's past and future. As my interest grew, I enrolled in courses that would help me gain a better understanding of various aspects of astrology, including its nuances. I began as an amateur but quickly advanced in my life path and chose astrology as my profession. I still follow my Guru's advice that the knowledge I have gained in this field should help to make the lives of those who approach me easier and more satisfying. Because of my interest in this subject, I learned about other aspects of astrology such as numerology, gemology, and various types of resonance such as Jamakol Hora and Sozhi Prasannam. The world of the Tarot also captivated me. With my knowledge and intuitive knowledge, I can analyze my energy in conjunction with divine guidance to provide meaningful answers to my clients' questions. I have many clients whom I have helped and guided through their good and bad times. My clients' feedback has always been encouraging and positive.


M M...
Fri, 12 Jul,2024
Thank you so much for your remedy and guidance 🤗
J P...
Fri, 12 Jul,2024
Thank you so much for your help
J P...
Thu, 11 Jul,2024
Thank you so much for your guidance 😊
M M...
Mon, 8 Jul,2024
Mam pls let me know when you come online waiting for time
N M...
Tue, 2 Jul,2024
Thank you mam, For your quick remedies I will do it for sure 🙏hope everything goes well... 😇