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Tarot Meenakshi

Tarot Meenakshi



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About Me

Tarot Card reader Meenakshi has been in the field of Tarot Card Reading for the past 5 years. She is a graduate from Punjab University, Chandigarh and had been a corporate professional for more than ten years. But all along these years, she had a deep desire and passion for helping people in any way possible. During this period, she realised the gift given to her by God and this is when her journey in the world of Tarot Card Reading began. Being a Tarot Card reader for over five years now, she has used her gift to give consultations to her clients and guide them in the matters of life like career, finances, relationships, health, business and emotional well being. She strongly believes that having faith is the key for improving life. She tries to pass on this faith to clients also during her consultations and help them in decision making to improve their quality of life. She strongly believes that God has chosen her to guide her clients through her intuitions. With her knowledge, her clients have received guidance and improved their lives.