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Astro Kalalagar

Astro Kalalagar


Vedic, Prashna

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About Me

Astro Kalalagar is a certified astrologer with 12 years of experience in Vedic astrology. Prasana Arudam is his area of expertise. He comes from a family of traditional astrologers. His forefathers are astrologers, and they are the devotees of Perumal Swamy.  He believes his intuitive power stems from this divine faith. He is a firm believer in the power of astrology and considers it to be completely accurate.  He can thoroughly and accurately analyse your birth chart, identify issues in your life, and explain them to you. 

He will provide good, easy-to-implement remedies. Even if you do not have a birth chart, you will receive excellent predictions. Astro Kalalagar  specialises in Vedic Birth Chart Analysis, Prasana Arudam, and Apocalyptic Power. He can provide advice on Love & Relationships, Career, Marriage, Financial Matters, and Other Everyday Life Issues.