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Acharya Gauttam

Acharya Gauttam



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About Me

Acharya Gauttam has over 25 years’ experience in astrology. He reached out to an astrologer through reference and spent a lot of time listening to the people who came in direct contact with him and understood how he could get them out of those problems. Thus he began working from the heart on this subject. He has a natural ability to predict future events and see what is going on in the present, and provide a straightforward and easy solution. 

He has read more than thousands of horoscopes and has helped change his clients’ lives, leading to a healthy, wealthy and happy life. He gives guidance and remedies in all essential areas of life like career, business, money, love, education, property, marriage, partnerships, personal matters, transfer, health, fixing auspicious time for the child’s birth, etc. In the past 25 years, he has helped clients provide realistic solutions and the best simple remedies in overcoming their issues. Many of his clients are confident that his predictions will be good for their future. He can listen to the clients calmly and tell them their shortcomings and how they can improve that. Many of his clients are from the USA, UK, Canada, Dubai, France, Australia, New Zealand and other countries