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Tarot Devaangna

Tarot Devaangna


Tarot, Psychics

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About Me

Tarot Devaangna comes from a well-known family in Punjab. Her father and grandfather were both businessmen, but they had good knowledge of Astrology and Ayurveda and used to help people with their knowledge of both fields, which awed her and inspired her to learn it from her father. Meanwhile, while she was learning the craft from him, her father became very ill and bedridden, and he died within six months. She did not, however, stop learning and began practising at home and assisting her family and friends.

During that time, Tarot Devaangna learned about Tarot reading and watched some TV shows about it because today's generation expects quick answers to their questions. So she learned Osho Zen Tarot Cards from a renowned Mumbai Astro, Vastu specialist, Reiki grandmaster, and multi-modality healer who was visiting Delhi in March 2015. She approached him, and he prepared to teach her the Tarot. It once again aided her in resolving people's problems through the use of tarot spells, switch word codes, and other means. Tarot Devaangna chose Astrology to remove obstacles from her family members, friends, and people around her who were in trouble at times, allowing them to overcome their difficulties. Her family encouraged her to pursue it as a career at the time. So she has been practising astrology since 2009 and Tarot reading since 2015. Her clients come from all over India and Canada, the United States, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Germany.