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About Me

Astro Ankitha is a skilled intuitive empath who has been working in the field of Numerology for the past 6 years. She is an engineer who is interested in holistic sciences. After finishing her engineering, she worked in several organisations in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, but she became interested with numerology and its practical application in everyday life. During her undergraduate years, she was introduced to numerology, astrology, and palm reading. She is now seeking a Ph.D. in holistic sciences, which is a synthesis of traditional knowledge and current science. She presented a national-level study on artificial intelligence at Coimbatore. She is a member of several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Karnataka that aim to uplift the socially and economically disadvantaged sections. She is a dedicated educator who released a book in 2021 depicting the stages of a common man's life. She is also a YouTuber, where she shares her knowledge of science and her joyful life.

She has advised countless people across the world, including friends and family, on career, business, financial, marriage, relationships, and emotional well-being issues, among others. She is a firm believer in using Numerology and Astrology to identify the core cause of any problem in order to find a suitable solution. Because of her continual research, she has been able to grasp the core problem, make smart decisions, and find simple solutions.Numero Ankitha believes in supernatural power, which directs us all to do the right thing for humanity's well-being. She chose astrology and numerology as a profession to change educated people's perceptions of these subjects. There is a significant distinction between being superstitious and being religious. She aspires to lead and assist the world in resolving challenges in the most scientific and rational manner possible.