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About Me

Astro Aditya is a professional and experienced Vedic astrologer, Numerologist, Vehicle and Prashna Kundli astrologer from Uttar Pradesh. He has more than 15 years of prideful experience. His experience and remedies for problems related to Career, Money, Health, Love & Relationships, Marriage & Kundli, have always proved to be accurate. He is from a family background of traditional Astrology and Tantra-Mantra experts. He attained Vedic Astrology knowledge from his family, and his continuous dedication has made him reach such a state of experience and knowledge. He has completed his Graduation in Science (B.Sc.) from a well established University in Uttar Pradesh.

He is specialized in resolving your problems and prospects related to Family, Finance, matchmaking, Travel Abroad, Legal Matters, Business, Education, Health, Job, Politics, Vastu, and many other important life aspects with his accurate remedial solutions. You can also reach out to him for Gemstone Consultation. He is the astrologer with expert knowledge of Vehicle Astrology, who may help you know about your vehicle's future just by its Vehicle Number. Very few people know about vehicle astrology. Just like a person has a horoscope & luck, a vehicle, in the same way, also has its luck. The vehicle has its vehicle number, which acts like its horoscope. If the numbers are unfavorable, it may cause various troubles to the owner. On the other hand, if someone has a vehicle with a lucky number, it can support him or her in many ways. People may buy a costly vehicle, but for a consultation about vehicle number, astrology can help.