Your Weekly Horoscope for June 19th -26th by astroYogi

Monday, June 19, 2017

Your Weekly horoscope readings by the expert Vedic astrologers of astroYogi. Read on.


Your natural inclination to be active will be in full swing this week and it will be easy for you to speak your mind and start up new hobbies, activities and perhaps a new fitness regime. This is a time for shaking things up and putting an interesting spin on an old way of doing things. You’ll spend quality time with family and friends, perhaps enjoying a short holiday. This week, the opportunity to fulfill desires is available to you so focus on what you want and things will begin to materialise. If single, you may meet a dynamic partner in an outdoorsy setting. If you are already part of a couple, this period feels amazing and exhilarating. Your relationships sizzle but your domestic life feels safe and harmonious. This balance is deeply rewarding for you, Aries! 


Have you checked your bank balance, dear Taurus? Financially you’re in a good place and this makes you feel secure. You have money to spend on tasty meals, fresh ingredients, and material comforts. You also have the money and resources to spend on those who you love. You’ll lavish attention on your home and garden, and your relationships with the family will improve. Those of you with a melodic voice may find work in voiceovers, singing or music or simply enjoy taking such activities up as hobbies. You’re enjoying spending time with people you love and may also look forward to planning a weekend trip. Your health is robust and vigorous so you’re in good stead.


Gemini, you are a natural actor, able to blend chameleon-like into your surroundings and adapt to any crowd. This ability will make you the life of any social or professional gathering this week. Your attention to detail and mercurial mind helps you win over those around you. This week you value intelligence and may read more or seek knowledge more than usual. You absorb information like a sponge and this can be a good time to learn a new language or pick up a new instrument if you`ve been planning it for some time. Your personal life is heaving and you make friends wherever you go. Try to keep up with friends you’ve known for some time. Remember quality can be better than quantity.


When climbing a mountain, we can’t always see the top. That doesn’t mean we should stop climbing! You’d do well if you remember this, dear Cancer. Whatever your personal goal may be (a new career, completing a novel, marriage or getting in shape), keep pursuing it and remember that slow steps in the right direction will get you there. Your bond with your mother deepens and you will enjoy conversations and experiences that connect you on a new level. If a mother yourself, you will revel in motherhood and easily engage with children. If you work or live close to water, you will benefit, as you are quite literally in your element. If you are not close to water, try to take a trip to the beach for a swim or any other activity. This will harness your qualities.

This week there is a palpable sense of excitement to your life that makes you feel as though you are on the cusp of great things. Leo is a sign that naturally gravitates towards fame. People are drawn to your warming fiery energy and you make a great leader. This week, why not consider taking up positions of leadership within your community and being a guiding beacon for others? You feel good this week and anything new that you try seems to be an immediate success. This fills you with confidence and helps you enjoy growth professionally. You dazzle this week, dear Leo. Make sure you put yourself front and center on the stage of life.


Slow and steady wins the race and you’ll be progressing at work and be appreciated by your fellow colleagues and those senior to you. If you’re bored in your current job, there is a new opportunity not far away. You may even consider getting into a new industry. With your attention to detail and flair for challenges, illustration, forensics or anything medical makes great options in case you`re deciding on choosing a career. If you find yourself feeling tense, unbalanced and irritated, remember to take time for yourself. Tasks that engage the senses such as puzzles and writing help focus your mind. Regular yoga process calms you and should be used regularly.


This week you’ll experience the good life, dear Libra. All seems well, and by large it is. If you have recently entered into a relationship, you’ll feel like you’ve found someone you can depend on and trust. This person is there for you through thick and thin. Maybe you’ll need to ramp up the romance but the foundation for your relationship is strong and should be respected. This is a really lovely time to look life in the face and to love it for what it is. If you aren’t in the mood for relaxation, this is also a great time to get into work mode, as your mind feels creative, artistic and flexible.


This week is an interesting one, Scorpio and you will need to be at your best. Relaxing endeavours for Scorpios include working out, swimming and having time alone to reflect and meditate. It’s important that you honour this. You will reign victoriously over enemies and if you are in the political sphere, you will garner attention and admiration. Please do be perceptive regarding your health and remember to eat well. In terms of love, you may be in a bit of a no man’s land, unsure of where you stand or how you feel. To dissipate this sense of murkiness, try meditation for focus. Remember, you don’t need to make sense of things right away. All will become apparent in its own time.


You’ve got to take the rough with the smooth, isn’t that right Sagittarius? Just like a centaur traversing from a forest into a mountain, you’re mutable enough to roll with the punches. You may be a tad hot-headed and hurtful with your words but this is only because you can be truthful in a way that can be perceived as blunt. Your natural charm and jovial nature will redeem you. If you have children, you will receive good news from them and they will be a credit to you. If you want to enter the world of education, now is a good time to look into it as you have the drive and inclination to do well


Capricorns naturally rise to leadership roles and if you are a Capricorn in such a position, you’ll find that people happily default to you and perform their duties without complaint. Your focus this week may largely be consumed by work but of course, you can use what you’ve learned about re-balancing your life to still enjoy and engage with loved ones. If you’re in the property market, you may welcome some profit and this time will be one of auspicious family events. Your mind may drift back to work but try to be in the here and now, enjoying where you are and what you’ve got.


Are you in a relationship right now? Can you feel things heating up? Marriage may cross your mind. This is an indication that you are in the right relationship. If looking for work, you may find something in the government arena. You are a bright influence of younger siblings who look up to you and enjoy your youthful, unconventional way of looking at the world. Aquarians, as with all air signs, love to travel and learn, and if you can find the time to take a trip, or even a weekend away, you should do so. If you work with children, you’ll love your job and feeling deeply connected to the next generation.


Pisces, it’s not like you to get restless as you tend to just move with the tide. This week though the urge is there, and you may wish to move to a bigger, newer home. You’ll enjoy house hunting and be parading around shops looking for knickknacks. There’s a need for a project of some kind. You also enjoy making new friendships and spending time with your mother. Your focus is really on the family. Despite your slight restlessness, you by and large feel harmonious and content. You have a good circle of friends and feel grateful for all that you have and you really do have a lot to be thankful for! 

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