Your Weekly horoscope for July 24th -30th by astroYogi

Monday, July 24, 2017

Your Weekly horoscope readings by the expert Vedic astrologers of astroYogi. Read on.

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Aries, this week you may need to make some big decisions. Such decisions should not be taken lightly. It may be that you feel the need to make speedy career related choices, but no matter how rushed you may feel, it’s important that you take your time and consider your options. A hurried choice may be the wrong one for you and you have more time than you realise. Outside of work you feel content and happy so don’t let work related stresses impede on your personal life. Finding a career that suits your energy is vital. As a fire sign, you are regenerated by action and a job that enables you to meet people and be physical is ideal. Embrace a more spontaneous week and you won’t be disappointed. This is not the time to make concrete plans. If you can accept that life cannot always be premeditated and perfect, you will enjoy yourself far more this week.


This week your urge for the alone time remains strong. This is a good time to focus on what makes you happy and what you need to do to relax. It’s a wonderful time to enjoy good food and good company and to tap into that slow and steady earthy energy that characterizes your nature. Escaping into beautiful natural surroundings is important to you this week. If you live in the city, make time to disappear into rural settings where you can recharge your batteries. You may experience some anxiety this week, especially if you’ve made plans to move to a new city or country. Nerves are to be expected. You will notice that all will work out in your favour so don’t let your emotions spoil your plans. For those of you who dabble in the property market, financial gains will come your way. For those of you in relationships, you’ll enjoy a golden, harmonious and blissful period.


Dear Gemini, this is a wonderful week for those of you who work in the share market, politics, accounts and finances. You will be successful and achieve a surge in income. You are rewarded for your hard work, commitment, determination and intelligence. Beyond the world of work, you’ll also enjoy a blooming personal life. Your family will be in high spirits and friends will be supportive of your endeavors which is important to you as a social sign. Ultimately, you feel positive and enjoy flourishing health. Have you been traveling recently? If not, this is an itch that you may still need to scratch. Travel will broaden your horizons and satisfy your restlessness. It’s easy for you to burn out due to your frenetic energy. If you can focus your energy and factor in plenty of time to rest, then you will set better habits in stone and reap the benefits of these changes.


Dear Cancer, this is a good time to practice gratitude and to appreciate what you have. This week is not one in which you go out into the world and pursue your goals. Instead, it is one in which you slow down, relax and focus on self-care. We recommend maintaining healthful practices such as a nutritious diet, light exercise regime and plenty of sleep. Regular meditation and yoga practice will help clear your mind and harness your soulful energy. Water signs such as yourself can have a moody, temperamental energy, as you tend to absorb the emotions of those around you. Taking time to attune to the nurturing power of your own energy is vital. Financially, you are set to do well and an inheritance may come through. If you are in a position to invest, now is a good time to do so.

For a personalized horoscope analysis. Consult our expert astrologers online. 


Leo, this week may feel like somewhat of a balancing act for you. You are in the middle of a very good period in which you feel lucky, acknowledged and successful. Whether you are an actor, businessman or writer, you will enjoy a slither of fame. Indeed, whatever you do, people will sit up and take notice. Those senior to you offer you unwavering support. They can see your potential and want to be on your side. This is a great time to work the room and make connections. People want to help you and you shouldn’t be afraid to accept their assistance. You’ll be spending plenty of time with friends as your social spirits will be high. You may find that you pay less attention to family members so try to balance your time wisely. If you are unable to do so, tensions may arise in your personal life. A little time management goes a long way Leo and ultimately you are on top of the world.


Virgo, your self-esteem is closely connected to your work ethic and professional success. It’s important to you to be wanted, needed and of use to others. This makes you a brilliant and efficient worker however it is vital that you don’t burn out serving others. It’s important that you take the time to serve yourself and your own needs. At work, change is afoot and you may be in the process of expanding your business or changing your career path. You may also find love during this time, either at work or through friends. If you find yourself falling, strike whilst the iron is hot. You will attract a quality lover. This week, you may feel that you have too much on your plate. If you can cut back on social commitments, the rest will do you good. With such a busy mind, meditation and yoga is recommended and should be regularly incorporated into your day.


Welcome to your week, dear Libra. This week you’ll find there’s a boost delivered to your working life. For professionals, this is a wonderful period, however hard work is required. If you are passionate about your career, it will not be difficult for you to focus. If passion is lacking, it may indicate that you should look further afield for pastures new. A job in a creative, artistic or legal field will suit you well. Your personal life feels blissful this week, as friends and family members support you. Your frivolous side will enjoy shopping, chatting and enjoy social pursuits. Financially, you are in great stead this week. For those of you who have been struggling, your situation is set to change. Resist the urge to spend money on superficial trinkets and you’ll dig yourself out of debt. At work, you get what you deserve both morally and financially.


Passionate, magnetic Scorpio, your path is unique and utterly your own. You are the definition of ‘still waters run deep.’ There is always more to you than meets the eye. You may find yourself worrying unnecessarily this week. As an emotional sign, this is not rare but it indicates that you are turning your focus from your goals. Turn your eyes back to your path and you will find that all is well. Yoga and regular meditative practice may soothe your anxiety as will a healthy diet and plenty of rest. Spending time with your spouse will be beneficial to you as it regenerates your passion and commitment to the relationship. It is very hard for you to be happy without a degree of passion in life so ensure that you pour time into activities that make your heart sing. Have you noticed that new challenges are coming your way? Challenge brings you to life so embrace what this week brings.


Sagittarius, sign of the explorer, the adventurer; what wonders will this week bring? Recently, your mind has turned to marriage. Male Sagittarians have been considering marriage whilst female Sagittarians may experience marriage snags such as delays or inconsistencies. Life brings challenges but your jovial spirit is prepared for anything. At work, competition remains intense but you are a natural winner and coming first comes effortlessly to you. If you can remain happy go lucky and secure in your own skin, nothing will deter you. Your personal life may come with a shadow of excitement. You may have some unresolved business that you need to face. This is nothing that a little conversation can’t solve. It’s in your nature to run away when things feel tough but if you can learn to face up to life and take responsibility, you will find that problems are easily solved.


Capricorn, have you noticed that your confidence is sky high? Few signs are as efficient and effective as you and you are increasingly aware of this. You will be victorious in all that you attempt this week so don’t be afraid of pouring all of your resources and focus on your career, relationships and personal goals. You may notice some minor health issues in your right leg so do take care of yourself and contact a medical professional if you notice increased discomfort. Romantically, this is a glittering period for you as all facets of life are in perfect balance. You have a tendency to push your relationships out of the picture in favour of your career but you have learned to prioritize all areas of life. You may have experienced some stasis in terms of completing minor tasks and goals but this is set to turn around as you get a second wind to do what you need to. It’s vital that you continue to eat well and exercise regularly to ensure that your health remains high.


Aquarius, have you reflected on the previous week? Reflection is vital to help harness your energy during this supercharged, dynamic week ahead. What are your goals, dreams and passions? How can you best use this energy to fulfill your fantasies? If you use this time wisely, you can change your life. It may be that you want a new relationship or to start a business. You can attract whatever you long for right now. You feel romantic, passionate and sociable and it will be easy for you to magnetically draw a new love into your life. There’s a certain electricity around you that is powerfully attractive. It’s vital that you remain alert in love so as not to jeopardize a budding romance. Remember that love should be gentle, kind and patient. Moderate your words, body language and actions and you will see your love life prosper.


You continue to enjoy the merits of a bountiful time. You have put your faith and trust into life and it is rewarding you wonderfully. You continue to receive appreciation and respect from those around you, including family, friends and colleagues which boosts your self-confidence. Follow your intuition and listen to your inner wisdom. Where do you want life to take you? You don’t always need to go with the flow, you can direct the flow, should you choose to. If you work in the public sphere or the media, fame and success are guaranteed. A degree of fame is certain, should this be something that you wish to pursue. For those of you who have suffered from ill health, you are set for a change of circumstances. This remains an ideal time for those of you who enjoy the performing arts; you are able to resonate with audiences and this could take off as either a hobby or a career – it’s your choice.

Traditionally Yours,



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