Your Weekly Horoscope - 4 to 10 March 2019

Mon, Mar 04, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Mar 04, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Your Weekly Horoscope - 4 to 10 March 2019

Your weekly horoscope (4th to 10th March 2019) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


You are possessed of a dynamic sense of confidence which propels you full throttle into professional endeavours and adds a certain zing to your personal life which keeps things surprising and fun. This is a wonderful week in terms of prosperous health, wealth and education. You are able to expand and prosper in all ways. Although your personal life runs relatively smoothly, if in a relationship you may be quarrelsome or challenging to your partner in some way. You are drawn to novelty and what to start something new. An urge to shake up the status quo is present. Be careful not to change things on a whim that are otherwise working well.


Your personality is the key to your success this work. You come across as affable, magnetic and genuine, and your work ethic cannot be denied. People want you on their team. In your personal life, this energy is replicated. People simply want to be around you and with you. Your love life is harmonious, tranquil and truly blissful. You may be in your ideal romantic partnership. This affability crosses over into friendships, where you are invited to every event and truly treasured. Your down to earth grounded energy makes you easy and pleasant to be with. Remember, your ability to communicate will ensure that you are understood.


Your inner child comes out to play this week and there is plenty for you to participate in. You relate more to those younger than you, especially children and are able to connect with them on an authentic level. You are able to make deliberate decisions that come from a place of truth and as such you are able to trust yourself to make the right choices. This is an especially good time for making decisions that you have put on the backburner in the past. Just by being you, people will gravitate to you and be attracted by you. Be cautious about mild health ailments such as coughs and colds. You radiate positivity about life which is contagious.


This week you may need to work hard to cultivate confidence levels to see you through. You may feel a bit unsure and unsteady, and as such retreat into yourself for a breather from the world. This is not a bad idea, as you can regroup and harness your energy. There is a degree of introversion to Cancer natives that encourages them to go inside in order to fortify themselves before they can push themselves out into the real world. Socially, you will feel less active, but this is part of grounding yourself. Other people may spoil or hinder this process, so it is natural to want more time for yourself. There is a restless thirst for more, but a sense that reality is confining you. Remember that anything is possible. Do not allow negativity to cloud your ambition. Financially you may spend more than you save so exercise caution.


In relationships, you need to work on pushing past the constraints of the ego, which hinders your ability to truly connect. Love is patient, giving and kind – it does not withhold because of fear or constraint. Giving freely to your love relationships will deepen and blossom the connection you share, which is what you truly want, if you are honest with yourself. Socially, you grace many a gathering with your presence as you know how to be the life and soul. You lead by example and expect others to follow suit. The hard work you put into your goals will pay off, so don’t be afraid of a little toil.


There is not much to critique this week as we start with an overarching sense that all is well in all areas. There’s a mellow, relaxed quality to life that resonates well with you. You feel less high-strung and much calmer. This is a good time to build upon practices that fortify you on a spiritual level. Meditation and yoga are always recommended but you may find other avenues useful as well, such as active forms of relaxation. Anything that engrosses the mind will have a beneficial effect and distract you from lesser thoughts that below to the shadow self. At work, you may receive a boost that reassures you that you are performing well.


The way that we present ourselves is important, there is no disputing that, but physical appearance is really the window that we look out of. The real us, the heart and soul of who we are is hidden, others have to dig to find it. Learning to be comfortable with who you are within, as well as what you project outside is an important lesson for you. In love, try to avoid setbacks or clashes. Are you too idealistic? Are you able to see your partner for who and what they truly are, and can you accept them for this? Remember that we are all human and none of us are perfect. Embracing spiritual/religious activity will be beneficial for you, bringing a deeper sense of joy to life.


Your focus continues to be on work and you are able to complete tasks quickly and succinctly. There is no doubt that you are an efficient and effective worker. Although this focus on career is useful, are you focusing on being productive in order to cover up deeper feelings of inadequacy? Only you will know the answer to this. Make sure that you put attention on other areas of your life as well to ensure that you are not depleting all of your time and resource on one quadrant only. A sign that gets tunnel-vision as you do sometimes needs to learn to balance and see the broader picture. This sense of perspective will enable you to give attention to what truly matters.


This week you enjoy a sense of luck that permeates all facets of life. Whether luck is something tangible and true or a state of mind, there’s no denying that feeling lucky appears to generate more luck. It impacts the way we behave and relate to others, which ensures that we get more of what we want. Think and act lucky this week and that’s what you shall be. Your personal life is truly prosperous, and you will feel blessed in this area. True wealth is in our connections and the love we feel in our life’s. Your career poses fresh challenges that encourage you to grow and become empowered as a worker.


Your financial situation continues to rise by increments and you enjoy the fruits of your labour. Your self-confidence shines as a result, but you may need to turn your attention towards your relationships, where things may not be so perfect and ‘shiny.’ Avoid conflicts with relatives, they tend to be about nothing and only serve to push you apart. Instead, prioritise effective boundary setting and keeping a cool head. You are naturally rather collected but do have the propensity to blow like Mount Vesuvius when pushed. This is a favourable period for those of you who work in fashion or as interior designers. Your creativity is piqued.


Your ability to think in a different way to others marks you out as unique. Your ability to innovate and confidently explain what you’re thinking gives you the gift of bringing ideas into the realm of the possible. You’re thinking of things that others have never even considered, and this is part of the magic of Aquarius. You have a vision and sense of foresight that is rare and elusive in most. Keeping up with healthy behaviours is a good idea this week. Resolutions you made in January should be continued to give you the best chance of self-betterment.


Low self-confidence may plague you this week which would be unfortunate as you truly are a very special soul indeed. So rarely do we truly see ourselves as we are, we look more readily for the blessings in others than we do in ourselves, but it is important to look within and take stock of all that is good about you. You are deserving of love and happiness. You also deserve to be treated kindly and with respect. These are tenets that should not be broken. A sense of melancholy may haunt, try to bring yourself immediately into the present moment where action can reign. People are appreciative of you this week, which may slowly build your confidence in yourself.

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