Your Weekly Horoscope – 30 July to 5 August 2018

Mon, Jul 30, 2018
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Jul 30, 2018
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Your Weekly Horoscope – 30 July to 5 August 2018

Your weekly horoscope (30th July to 5th August, 2018) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.

The sun continues in Cancer. Cancer is known for its moody, fluctuating energy. It’s a very emotional, intuitive and perceptive sign. As such, you might find that you change tack. Rather than directly rushing towards what you want, you will sidestep, approach and retreat and be hastier in the decisions you make. This may be confusing to those around you, who are used to more directness. Mercury in Cancer continues to be a favourable period for your mother’s health and your home life is harmonious and peaceful. Venus in Virgo ensures that children will bring you happiness and contentment. You are joyful with your own children. With Mars in Capricorn, there is a heavy, austere energy that may weigh on your shoulders. Try to shake it off.

Taurus does love company, but perhaps surprisingly, you are also one for solitude. You are drawn to short trips alone, perhaps to indulge or just to simply be and it’s important that you acknowledge your need for this right now. As a family-oriented sign, you may worry about the needs of your family and you need to find a way to channel any stress or anxiety that you may be feeling. Mercury in Cancer can drum up a quarrelsome tendency in your nature. You may argue with younger relatives and be frustrated by their opinions. With Venus in Virgo, you are drawn to pouring your energy into your home. A renovation project would suit you down to the ground. With Mars in Capricorn, things are going well but you must continue to be down to earth.

Gemini’s are good at making money in many ingenious ways. Although you have a very particular skill set (communication, the art of persuasion), you are a Jack of all trades who can find a way to make money anywhere. This could be a time where you develop a sustainable new source of income that pushes you in a different direction. Mercury in Cancer indicates that you’ll be drawn to creative and artistic endeavours. Your inner writer, painter or designer may come to the fore. Venus in Virgo makes you active and sociable. You want to be around people and resonate well with those younger than you due to your sprightly energy. Mars in Capricorn brings sombre energy. Try not to let it weigh you down.

With the sun in your own sign of Cancer, you may be prone to emotional stress and low self-confidence. Your moods may feel volatile and sporadic. Finding an outlet for these ebbs and flows is paramount. It’s natural for us to become moody at times, we are human after all, but sometimes these moods can be damaging. Great outlets for Cancer natives are to be near the water, or nature in general. Write out or talk about your feelings. Meditation and yoga are useful for calming the mind but essentially what you need is to find a way to self-soothe. With Venus in Virgo, you enjoy a financially beneficial time and bond with family. Just remember to keep a release valve on your emotions.

Leo, you’ve been enduring low self-confidence for a while and this feels disconcerting for you. You don’t know whether you are coming or going. Your confidence is like your lion’s mane, without it you don’t quite know your place. You need to be careful not to let your temper get the best of you, lest you hurt the feelings of those you love. A few bad moods are expected. Exercise and a bit of self-pampering can help. With Venus in Virgo, the feeling that love is lacking may continue to dog you. This is unpleasant for everyone, but especially for Leo, who needs to feel worshipped. Finding ways to give yourself love is crucial. Fill your own cup, and you won’t need anyone to consistently pour into yours.

The sun continues in Cancer and you enjoy sky high confidence. This enables you to complete projects and achieve success. Those around you appreciate your efforts. At home, something new will be welcomed, perhaps an item or individual. With Mercury in Cancer, your health is beyond excellent and professionally you will enjoy a good period. New opportunities are plentiful. Mars in Capricorn may drive you towards particular excesses, especially if you usually feel that you are prim and proper and so well-behaved. You may want to indulge in a side that is completely opposite or feel sick of being perfect or responsible. Avoid bad company and nurture your goals and ambitions.

Libra, you may have a tendency to cruise by in life on your charm and beauty. You are charismatic, and people respond well to you. The sun in Cancer reminds you that tenacity is required if luck is to be turned into monitorable results. As a cardinal sign, you may prefer to lead than muck in but by mucking in, you’ll notice results much faster. Mercury in Cancer bolsters the importance of utilising your in-built sense of luck and combining it with a strong work ethic. Venus in Virgo suggests romance will come knocking at your door, which always puts you in high spirits. A Libra in love is a happy camper indeed. Be cautious financially, save more than you spend.

This is a great time for you in which you are deeply in love with life. A level of unwearable enthusiasm is in all you do. Luck supports you, which encourages you to challenge yourself further. At work, there may be some obstacles, but you have the tenacity, ambition and patience to weather storms that come your way. In fact, you have a way of quietly rising through the ranks at work. Venus in Virgo further bolsters this sense of enthusiasm, particularly in terms of your career, although you will also be romantic. Guard against your natural tendency to be too black or white/all or nothing in your thinking. Try to embrace balance.

The sun in Cancer encourages you to prioritise your health. You care more about humanity and adventure than self-care, preferring to burst forth into life rather than sit and take care of the little things. There’s no need to give up on the adventure but do take care of yourself as well. Unexpected sources of income may be generated, and you will participate in a diverse range of activities. Venus in Virgo indicates good fortune, harmony and prosperity. Every aspect of life feels great and deeply fulfilling. Mars in Capricorn brings much needed vision and ambition to leaders and workers, you have the staying power and drive to make a difference.

With the sun in Cancer, you may notice some issues arise in your personal life. You are the King or Queen of career, but when it comes to personal matters, you can feel strangely disjointed, not knowing quite how to react or what to do. Put some care in this area. With Mercury in Cancer, you may marry, or a relationship may be naturally progressing towards marriage. You may be the envy of others. Venus in Virgo can indicate delays or procrastination at work which may frustrate such a goal-oriented sign as yourself. With Mars in Capricorn, you should resist bad influences. Avoid drinking, drugs, smoking and focus on your own goals.

Good tidings this week, as you receive relief from a disease or illness that may have been plaguing you. You are also victorious in all that you do and excel at work. You grow at a steady pace at work and colleagues and seniors are impressed by your performance. This is a great time for writers, you may write a fantasy novel or something creative, unique and ahead of its time. It may take a while to resonate with the public (Aquarius tends to come up with something long before others have even lifted their heads), but once it hits, it will be spectacular. Venus in Virgo suggests you will focus on the little details of your love life, indicating bliss. With Mars in Capricorn, be careful of who you trust. Don’t give away trust too easily.

Happy news may await you Pisces, and at work you bring a new, fresh, sparkly energy that gets things done and also makes you personable. If coupled, you may plan to marry your new lover, especially if you feel in sync with one another. With Mercury in Cancer, work brings excessive competition which may not feel comfortable for you. You aren’t naturally competitive like your Aries or Scorpio brethren. Venus in Virgo encourages you to ditch sugar and alcohol. Healthful habits will make you more spiritually in tune with yourself and you may rekindle a former flame. With Mars in Capricorn, life feels stable and you feel grounded.

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