Your Weekly Horoscope – 26 Nov to 02 Dec 2018

Mon, Nov 26, 2018
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Nov 26, 2018
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Your Weekly Horoscope – 26 Nov to 02 Dec 2018

Your weekly horoscope (26th Nov to 2nd Dec, 2018) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.

For fiery Aries natives, the suns presence in Scorpio creates an interesting sense of tension. Usually so confident, that may not be the case this week. You may question how much of your confidence is tied to your ego. This is a good time to focus on your career. A practical achievement will be good at building up your sense of self. You have a strong drive and the urge to go out into the world in order to make things happen. It’s vital that you do this. Aries longs to conquer and to have adventures. Do not be afraid to give this side of yourself free reign for a while. Mercury in Scorpio can create a sense of disappointment. Things may not go as planned. That said, sometimes what we are left with is something better than we could ever have expected! 

For you, love is the center of the world. When you are happily in love, life could not be sweeter. You are able to access all of the life’s pleasures and you are amiable and full of the joys of spring. With the sun in Scorpio, relationships are at the forefront of your mind. Whilst Taurus likes to simmer on the sweet, Scorpio is happy to penetrate to the depths of the ocean and bring up the sludge. This is important as it enables you greater intimacy and understanding. Do not be afraid to dig deep. As your opposite sign, Scorpio can teach you many things about depth and exploration whereas you may be happy to sit in the sun. Mercury in Scorpio will make you more of a social butterfly. It’s time to let loose! 

The Gemini mind is so multi-faceted that it can see things from all angles. A rare skill, the lesson for you is to learn to focus. You cannot be so distracted by every shiny new object that comes your way or you will never do anything of meaning. With the sun in Scorpio, you are able to focus better than before. In fact, your career is skipping along on a wonderful trajectory. Romantically, Scorpio adds depth to what can be maddening evasiveness on your part. This depth suits you and people find you more attractive. Whether you choose to make a solid commitment or enjoy your new-found popularity, people will respond to you. Mercury in Scorpio encourages you to think before you act. Avoid being too blunt or impulsive this week.

Scorpio is the sign of change and as the sun remains here this week, you will be open to transformation, especially in terms of your career and relationships. Although you like your home comforts, you are surprisingly open to making things happen. You are a cardinal sign after all and should not be underestimated. You are liable to get things done when your emotions are activated, and you are very protective of family and tradition. With Mercury in Scorpio, you may spark jealousy in others without even being aware of it. This is a sign that you are doing something right! Keep your boundaries in check so that this energy doesn’t unsettle you. Strong? Yes, you are, but you are also sensitive.

With the sun in Scorpio, you are a dynamo. Need something done? This is the time to do it! Both Leo and Scorpio are fixed signs, so you are liable to dig your heels in. For some tasks, this is exactly what is needed but a dash of flexibility will keep you open to new possibilities. Remember Leo, balance is key. Too much certainty can breed a streak of fanaticism! Your mind feels calm, stable and well-oriented. You feel very sure of your purpose. Mercury, the planet of communication remains in Scorpio and you may find that a curve-ball has been thrown into certain areas of life. This is trying to remind you that balance is the only way! You will be a fiery, open and engaging communicator. You can inspire real change in others.


Virgo, you don’t seek fame. In fact, you find it quite distasteful. You much prefer being behind the scenes. Anonymity suits you well. You thrive in the shadows! This week you may be getting some attention. Does that make you feel uncomfortable? New doors may open for you if you can accept being out of your comfort zone. You may need to take a few short trips to work, but these will be successful. Your love life is good, and you feel that the two of you are working towards an exciting and fruitful future. With Mercury in Scorpio, your sense of love and affection for your mother grows and blossoms. This is a wonderful time for family.

Libra, this is a good week for you. Your career and love life are moving along at a steady pace. There’s a sense of synergy and flow. You may feel that you have hit your stride. Nothing much needs changing, just maintaining. Scorpio produces a mellowing effect on you this week. It gives you focus, balance and energy and grounds you, keeping you focused on your path. This brings relief to a mind that can be loud and full of opinions! You feel settled and far more sure of yourself than you have felt for a long time. Do watch your tongue as you may say things you don’t mean. Mercury in Scorpio indicates that something may be troubling you. Acknowledge this and find the right time to tackle it. Someone somewhere has drawn your attention. Will you act on this?

When you put your mind to something, nothing can deter you. You can be black and white with no shades of grey. Because you feel things in an extreme and immediate way, it can be easy for you to categorize very quickly. If you learn to sit with feelings, you will see that they can be more nuanced than they seem. This week, you are on a high energetically and complete tasks at work with ease. If you want to expand your business, now is the time. With Mercury in Scorpio, you will be lucky and healthy if you take care of yourself. Make sure you eat well, exercise and rest. As a sign of extremes, you may either neglect your health or be very controlling of what you eat and do. Try to find a middle ground. Look to Taurus, the sign of occasional indulgence, for tips.

This week, you may be lacking your usual self-confidence. The Sagittarian energy can be likened to a fire which draws travelers to its warmth and wisdom. When you feel shut down energetically, this fire goes out and may even repel the people that you usually draw to you like moths to a flame. You have a strong sense of faith in the world, but you need to have faith in yourself too. You may feel down about life if you feel distant or disconnected from your partner. With Mercury in Scorpio, you extend kindness to the needy and you are popular in your circle. You are a natural leader and this quality begins to come to the fore. An idealist, you can feel disturbed when life and people are less than perfect. Remember that imperfections are part of our humanity.

Do you believe in karma? This week, positive karma comes to you. Good deeds that you have performed in the past swing back around. This only encourages you to do even more going forward. You see, all that we do goes in a loop. If you feed positive energy in, you will find many positives coming out. This week you are encouraged to be honest, especially in love. Try to connect with your feelings and speak of them. Your partner longs to hear how you feel. Mercury in Scorpio can trigger some worry. You may feel that things are not ‘right’ in some way. Could it just be that things are a bit unpredictable? That is not always a bad thing, dear Capricorn. Try not to worry so much. Few signs are as capable as you.

This is a wonderful week for Aquarius natives. All areas of life are well. At work, you are appreciated and relaxed, money is plentiful, and your personal life is entertaining. You are also in good health. This is a favourable period for you and should be enjoyed. Relish this time. With Mercury in Scorpio, you will find money coming your way and from unexpected avenues. It may be that you have a creative venture going on. Aquarius and Sagittarius together create a brilliant mix and the unexpected may happen! Society at large will respect and admire you so if there are ideas or goals that you wish to reach a public stage, this is a good time to push for them to get out there. See if others can help you get your voice heard.

Pisces, you are a lucky little sign and that is especially true this week. With the sun in Scorpio, you are perceptive, soulful and able to empathize easily with others. This is a good week for winning people over. Even those who do not like you may warm to you. Foes may become friends. You have never been so popular nor so magnetic. Romantically, you are tantalizing to your partner and you may be surprised by the strength of people’s reactions to you. With Mercury in Scorpio, you may struggle to make a decision. That’s okay, just take some time out to mull over the details. Confiding in others can be very helpful. This week is harmonious and healing, so enjoy it.

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