Your Weekly Horoscope - 18 to 24 February 2019

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Your Weekly Horoscope - 18 to 24 February 2019

Your weekly horoscope (18th to 24th Feb 2019) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


Self-confidence is the spice that enhances the way we live our life’s. When we believe in ourselves, when we feel confidently about who we are, we are able to do the things we’ve always dreamed of. We simply believe that they can happen and that we deserve them. Your confidence only seems to grow and grow and this increase in confidence puts you in a great place to improve your life, career, education or relationship. You are able to draw up healthy boundaries and expectations, utilising your enjoyment of life. If you have held back previously, now is a good time to be honest about who you are and what you want. This is the time for authenticity.


The defining word for you this week is enthusiasm. Enthusiasm brings a zest for life that enables us to both bring and find enjoyment in all things. You have always been known for being able to sit down and smell the roses – you appreciate the finer details that others may miss. Bringing your enthusiasm to projects, hobbies and relationships is a great way to enhance your personal experience. Mindfully sitting and being grateful for what you have will appeal this week. You feel in no particular rush and enjoy where you are in life right now. Your ability to communicate effectively in your relationships is attractive and draws potential suitors to you. You are more likely to match up with someone appropriate because you are clear and decisive about what you want and need.


At their core, Gemini natives crave connection, communication and companionship. Represented by the dual sign of the twins, Gemini seeks partnership and enjoys the exchange that occurs between people. Not a solitary sign, a Gemini that isolates itself can fall into depression. It is also imperative that you find the right company, so that you don’t feel even less understood. This week, you are drawn to social extravaganzas. You want to be with people, likeminded souls with whom you can commune. Your adventurous spirit requires community. This is a wonderful time for decision making – answers come to you with great clarity. Do not fret about the questions right now, just trust that your intuition is providing you with the answers you seek.


Health is our greatest wealth and taking care of ourselves is our greatest responsibility. When we care for ourselves, we are showing the utmost respect to our families, our world and God. If anything is troubling you physically, emotionally or mentally this week, take the time to acknowledge it, process it and take action. Health should never be put on the backburner. As a home-making sign, you may look to overhaul the way you eat, exercise and integrate with others. Positive change will bring about huge transformation in you. You have a natural desire to care for others, but it is essential that this energy is sometimes poured back into yourself. Self-care is vital, not selfish.


A partnership in which you feel loyalty, generosity and a degree of worship makes your world spin. You are like a big baby in love, and we mean this in the most endearing sense! For you, there is no such thing as being too spoilt! In your relationships this week, you must focus on communicating in a way that marries warmth with authenticity. You must not be afraid to speak your truth as it is, otherwise, misunderstandings may abound. True connection with another involves honesty, which may not always be easy or pretty. Your desire to strengthen your relationships will motivate you to do the necessary work. You’ll notice the difference immediately, but things will continue to improve with time. Remember, life is still keeping you lucky.


The spot light is on your love life and love means a great deal to you indeed. In love, Virgo notices tend towards discernment. You like to feel as though you’ve been chosen, selected by someone who understands that you are not just another in the pack. Someone with morals, values and an understated sense of loyalty appeals to you greatly. Your perfectionist streak can make you struggle to see someone for who they truly are. You may try to improve them in your mind, or you may be too hard on them, forgetting that people are human and therefore fallible. Nonetheless, you have your standards and boundaries, and this is important. Safe-guarding your self-worth from time wasters is not a bad way to be! 


Libra, image is important yes, but this week are you a little too concerned about what others are thinking of you? Often, we project an image to the world that doesn’t entirely match with who we are inside. The who we are inside may be more vulnerable, more sensitive, more selfish, crueller or any other number of qualities. Be easy on yourself. Understand that it is okay for others to get to know you and unravel you slowly, rather than fretting over how others perceive you. Those that want to get to know you will take the time to do so. You do want to be mindful that you are not ‘pretending.’ Air signs make great pretenders as they are able to mop up and mimic the moods as well as the airs and graces of those around them. Strive to be genuine and the rest will follow.


A focused Scorpio has a laser-like intensity that cannot be quashed. Tunnel vision is your default setting. Turning this focus onto work brings tremendous results that make your competitors quiver. If work is your vocation and/or passion, you’ll be all the more inclined to give it your all. That said, of course finding and cultivating a sense of balance is important. Work cannot be your only source of focus, even if it is the main one this week. Remember that life is made up of many other components, each designed to bring us joy, fulfilment and a sense of belonging. Work is only one of the puzzle pieces, and there is much more for you to turn your focus to.


Sagittarius, you have a youthful, transcendent spirit that does not appear to age. As a result of this, you are able to connect well with those far younger than you, who may turn to you for guidance or support. Your wisdom and experience are palatable and comes across as genuine and generous – thus it is always well received! Your love life is tinged with adventure and joy. You always bring the best of yourself to your loved ones. You enjoy bountiful good health this month and should continue to maintain good habits so that this continues. You are naturally lucky, but luck must also be bolstered by effort.


Your self-confidence is set to increase, and you are powerfully aware of how to go after what you want. You have the fortitude and forethought to really make some big changes that will be beneficial. Never one to not have a plan, you are determined enough to stick to any course of action. This is how lasting change is made. Capricorns are the people who climb mountains, sail around the world and become CEOs. You have ambition, and your ambition is unique and as personal to you as your fingerprints are. This week allow yourself to get inspired. Set yourself a course of action and manifest that dream of yours. It can all come true, you know, but you understand more than most that the grind must come from within! 


Your treasure trove is your brain. You are an astonishing thinker, and come up with endless innovative ideas, many of which could help you to generate a source of income. Your ideas are often ahead of the curve. They may be ahead of their time, just out of the current zeitgeist which can lead you feel like an outlier much of the time. That said, you can set trends with foresight, edginess and a sense of rebellion that others find electric and enticing. You attract people this week by being different, zany and mildly aloof in a way that is tantalising. Your appeal can lead to fame but will most definitely lead to recognition of some sort.


A sensitive sign such as yourself is susceptible to true highs and lows. One would argue, you cannot experience the highs without the lows, such is the bipolarity of life. If you can acknowledge that the highs should be celebrated, whilst the lows can be weathered with coping strategies, then you will be able to deal with these ups and downs more successfully. Of course, your sensitivity may make everything more acute, but then your highs will be all the more potent. You’ll be drawn to activities that stabilise and ground your wandering spirit. Meditation, yoga, writing and art are all very appealing to you, as well as a cause that enables you to deepen your passion and purpose for life.

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