Your Weekly Horoscope – 15 to 21 October 2018

Mon, Oct 15, 2018
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Oct 15, 2018
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Your Weekly Horoscope – 15 to 21 October 2018

Your weekly horoscope (15th Oct to 21st Oct, 2018) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.

With the sun in Libra, you are more quarrelsome than usual. Slightly hot tempered, you should be cautious not to argue mindlessly with those you love. Misunderstandings and delays may upset you this week. We can’t always get out own way, but it doesn’t mean that something is fundamentally wrong. Interestingly, this energy is attractive if you are single. Your prickliness comes across more as excitement and you may draw people towards you as a result. Best laid plans may not come to fruition as expected, but don’t worry too much, better things may fall into place. Learn to roll with the punches this week and you’ll fare just fine.

With the sun in Libra, you’ll want to put the focus on your health, and especially on eating healthy, nutritious foods and exercising. Taurus natives have a tendency to over-indulge, either in place of comfort or pleasure. Try to moderate yourself. You can still enjoy these temptations, but sparingly. Work on rekindling your love life. You are a passionate, sensual and dependable partner, but you may get stuck in a routine and forget to show your partner how truly special they are to you. Ultimately, you are still feeling positive and this week is a good one for you. You feel happy and people enjoy being around you. You’re in a sociable mood and enjoying being around others, enjoying the finer things in life.

As the sun moves into Libra, children feature importantly in your life, whether they are your own, or belong to others. Gemini is famously childlike itself, curious, inquisitive and sprightly, you relate to children very well. You are the Peter Pan of the zodiac. When you tune into your inner child this week, you experience favourable results. People respond warmly to your expansive, joyful spirit. You long to travel and it is important that you do, as travel is at the heart and soul of a Gemini. You need variety and to experience new things on a constant basis. This feeds you. Make time and space for what makes you happy and you’ll truly blossom.

You may feel a restless sense of tension surrounding something important to you. It might be impatience over growing a business or frustration surrounding a relationship. Either way, there’s the sense that something isn’t quite happening fast enough which is naturally very uncomfortable for you to tolerate. The solution is to keep giving your all. Keep pouring your energy into whatever the project is. You might find things start to happen faster than expected. Your love life may need a kickstart. You have so much to give in this area so be sure not to neglect it. Life keeps bringing new things your way and this keeps your spark of gratitude and appreciation strong and sincere.

This is a very active week for you, dear Leo. Your calendar is very full. Parties, events, hobbies, friends, weddings. It’s all happening, and you won’t burn out because you are naturally extroverted and love to be busy. You feed off of the energy of others. You enjoy surrounding yourself with people, hustle and bustle. When you are at the centre of things, you shine. Your positive, happy spirit wins you many friends and admirers. You can charm all in the room. Perhaps be careful not to dominate things too much. There is a tendency to come on strong when subtlety might do just as well. Reigniting old connections is highly likely at this time.

You’ve got plenty of money coming in but saving and investing may prove difficult. Take a look at your finances and make sure that they are in order. Go over things with a fine-toothed comb if need be. Planning for the future is a sensible idea and will make you feel more comfortable about what is to come. Ensure that you don’t offend someone with idle or careless words. Think before you speak. You are a natural communicator and will excel wherever the written or spoken word is required. You do well in interviews and on dates particularly. You are in a romantic mood and possibly on the hunt for a partner if single. Make sure that you are visible. Put yourself out there. Avoid bad habits. Keep yourself on the straight and narrow.

This week, you may suffer from lower confidence than usual. Something has given you a knock. You may struggle to concentrate and fear loss in your life, in particular, what to replace the loss with. We all struggle with this from time to time, but loss also produces space for tremendous growth, if only we rise to the challenge as phoenixes rise from the ashes. Pouring your energy into some cause or passion is recommended as this will revitalise you, stop you feeling powerless, remind you that you can make a difference and help you to fill the voids you fear in a purposeful way. Dreams are still coming true around you so don’t be worried about the carpet being pulled out from under your feet. All is well.

Usually so decisive, this week you may be unsure of what you want to do. You may have many opportunities and options and therefore not be quite certain of which to pursue. Take your time. There is no need for immediacy or urgency. You can always seek the advice of experts if you are truly at a loss. Not one to seek out advice, it can be beneficial at this time and should not be ignored. Once you do decide on a trajectory, you will stick with it passionately and vehemently. There is no concern about this. In fact it’s better that you are sure before you start rather than having to turn and make a change halfway through.

This week, your partner plays a starring role in your life. They help you to feel supported, appreciated, loved and cared for, as they should, and although you are fairly independent in spirit, you truly lap up this love. This is a great time to foster understanding between couples, healing rifts and quarrels and helping to unite a partnership and push it along a new trajectory. Adventures and endeavours can be started at this time. You want to fortify your bond and connection. Those single Sags may find a very special person. Your open spirit almost guarantees it. You want to enjoy the finer things in life with someone that you hold dear, and this is the week to partake in all of life’s wonders.

When it comes to your professional life, you’ll need to work hard, fortunately, you have it in you to do so. You’ll need strong will power, but you have that in spades too. Don’t be lazy. No chance of that is there Capricorn? Fortunately, your partner will support you this week, allowing you the freedom to focus on what needs to be done. If single, you’ll be in a romantic mood and long to connect with a special someone. Capricorns work well in traditional partnerships where their longevity can be both utilised and appreciated. You are drawn to class, morals and values, so keep an eye out for this dream partner. Who knows who you may meet?

This week you are at the peak of good health on all fronts (physically, mentally and emotionally.) You are robust, fit and strong and others admire you as a specimen. If you’ve been adopting healthy practices, you do well at keeping to these, after all, as a fixed sign, once you set your mind to something, that’s it. In love, you may be moving towards marriage. It feels natural for you to do so, even if typically your approach to relationships is somewhat unconventional. You continue to grow and evolve as a person. This is a great spiritual stretch for you. You are learning about who you truly are and building a life to reflect this.

Dear Pisces, your mind may feel somewhat scattered, so don’t make any big decisions. Think about them, sure. Explore your options. Experiment. But don’t act. There is plenty of time for all that and the time is not now. Think and feel things through and the answers will come to you organically and intuitively. Working with your gut instincts, and strengthening them through meditation and yoga, may help you arrive at an answer. Don’t stress about anything too much. Remember, we don’t need to know everything immediately and urgently. We can give life space to unravel. We can allow things and people to come to us. We can be responsive as well as proactive. It is all a balance.

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