Your Monthly Horoscope Predictions for December 2017

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Your Monthly Horoscope Predictions for December 2017

Find out how the last month of 2017 will turnout for you. Astroyogi’s monthly horoscope predictions for December 2017.

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With the sun in Scorpio until the 14th, your confidence is not at its highest. You are encouraged to focus on your career. As an action-oriented sign, taking proactive action will gradually rebuild your confidence. On the 15th, the sun moves into spiritual Sagittarius, promoting an undercurrent of good luck throughout your life. You will be increasingly drawn towards spiritual matters and practices. Adding habits like yoga and meditation to your daily life will enable you to incorporate this in a healthy and healing way. At work, those senior to you will notice your earnest sincerity and enthusiasm as well as your boundless energy. This could spell out some exciting new opportunity! Mercury in Sagittarius can make you feel disappointed and you hate having your enthusiasm dampened! Remember not everything can go as we plan and it’s okay to change course. Venus remains in Scorpio until the 19th December and you may find yourself feeling worried. You tend to be an active relaxer, so exercise is encouraged to clear your mind. On the 20th December, Venus moves into Sagittarius, the beginning of a highly fortunate period in which you find success no matter what you do.

Taurus, you start this month with the sun in Scorpio. Scorpio is always seeking out the depth and it tends to find the areas where we are the most sensitive, where our emotions are most heightened. This tends to be relationships. You may find your sense of intimacy with your partner deepens as you truly accept one another’s flaws. On the 15th, the sun moves into Sagittarius and you may feel anxious and low in energy. Focus on eating hearty, warming meals like stews and soups and prioritize gentle exercise to slowly raise your energy levels. Quality rest is advised. With Mercury in Sagittarius, you feel sociable and spend lots of time catching up with friends and being active. Venus remains in Scorpio until the 19th, which promotes a feeling of friendship between lovers which is so important as it fosters trust, communication and fun. For those of you that are single, this is an exciting and interesting period and you won’t find it hard to meet someone that you could fall for. On the 20th, Venus moves into Sagittarius. Focus on your whole well-being and try to view it holistically. Remember that health is about the whole package; physical, mental and emotional.

With the sun in Scorpio, you remain on the right trajectory. Scorpio brings focus and direction to your life, which you may otherwise lack. Romantically, life is all fun and games and you like it that way, even in a committed partnership. The thread of entertainment that runs through love keeps you guessing and engaged. On the 15th, the sun moves into Sagittarius, a gregarious, all-encompassing sign. You are imbued with extra confidence and you may make many new friends. It is easy for you to seek people out, to be part of the fray. With Mercury in Sagittarius, you are advised to bite your tongue when it comes to your partner. You could get yourself in trouble! Venus in Scorpio requires you to take care of yourself, especially mentally and emotionally. If you start to feel pent up, pause and take some time out. Exercise or any other activity that puts you in a state of ‘flow’ is vital for you as it gets you out of your mind. You need to listen to your gut more than you listen to repetitive thoughts. On the 20th, Venus moves into Sagittarius and family life is blissful. There may even be a new arrival to welcome to the brood! 

You surprise people Cancer. Soft and sweet, a core of steel runs through you, especially when it comes to protecting loved ones. You want change and this thirst for something new may manifest in terms of relationships and/or your career. Life is happy, and you are in a strong position in which to make the necessary transformations that will advance and improve upon your life. On the 15th, the sun moves into Sagittarius heralding in a period which brings relief and release to any pent up unsettling emotions. You may feel liberated and much calmer and more clear-headed. Whether in a relationship or single, you feel fulfilled and happy. There is a real sense that you have found your chosen path and are at peace with it. Mercury in Sagittarius can make others jealous of this, as you seem to have found what others spend a lifetime searching for. Venus in Scorpio makes you magnetic and alluring to others. You seem spiritual, kind and wise beyond your years and this attracts the best partners. Love takes on a mystical quality. You may find a love that you’ve only dreamed of. On 20th December, Venus moves into Sagittarius. Keep a stock of your health and don’t drop the ball on good habits.

Get ready for a period of innovation Leo! You’ve got so many ideas buzzing around that you just have to share them. With the sun in Scorpio, you know what you want, and you are out to get it. This will dazzle and intimidate others in equal measure. Your mind is compartmentalised and clear, and you are not frightened or anxious at all. On the 15th, the sun moves into Sagittarius and it is easy for you to complete any course of action. You may feel philosophical – you are looking for meaning in life, and you may feel that you’ve found it, which is why it is so easy for you to keep moving. Your chosen path resonates with you powerfully. With Mercury in Sagittarius, there may be a degree of confusion, especially around matters concerning family. Communication will assist here. Venus in Scorpio suggests that you want new toys and material goods. You want to make those big life purchases that suggest you’ve made it! In love, friendship and support is a running theme and you may find love with a friend who compliments you well. On the 20th, Venus moves into Sagittarius and you are back to being popular, even famous. It’s easy for you to focus, opportunities are plentiful, and life is full of wonder.

With the sun in Scorpio, you may travel for work. These will be short and successful trips. Your love life feels healing and there is a powerful sense of connection. A cerebral sign, you feel mentally engaged with your loved one and this intensifies your chemistry. On the 15th, as the sun moves into Sagittarius, your career will feel smooth, stable and steady. Your health and personal life are good, and you cannot stop smiling. You feel positive and grateful which only encourages more good to come to you. Mercury in Sagittarius encourages the support of your elders and deepens the special bond that you share with your mother. This is a wonderful time to reconnect with family and for forgiveness. Venus in Scorpio dampens your enthusiasm, but the strong foundations of your life remain intact. There is love, trust and deep understanding as well as respect. On the 20th, Venus moves into Sagittarius leading to many auspicious events at home. This is a good time to pursue an education or opportunities for further study. Your friends will support you and success is guaranteed.

With the sun in Scorpio, you enjoy a financially good start this month. You’ve established a steady rhythm between your career, romantic life and family life. It feels as if things are in perfect balance and that’s what Libra’s love most! On the 15th, as the sun moves into Sagittarius, you will find that you feel more sociable. The element of fire gives you renewed energy, vigour and clarity. It’s easy for you to finish what you start. Despite this, you may feel unsure of many things, but your gut will be to go for it rather than to think things through. This is a welcome change for you. With Mercury in Sagittarius, it’s important to face anything that may be troubling you. If you feel any strong negative emotions, have a warm bath and meditate. Your aim is to calm yourself down. Venus in Scorpio can make you very appealing to others – you are the right mix of charisma and confidence. There’s also the promise of hidden depths. Do be cautious of the throat. If a smoker, it is advised that you kick the habit. The throat chakra is aligned with speaking our truth so be sure to care for it. On the 20th, Venus moves into Sagittarius and you feel positive, life-affirming energy all around you.

With the sun in your own sign of Scorpio, you are a formidable force. You certainly do get things done! Any work that relates to water or is situated close to water will be beneficial for you as it puts you close to your element and through this, you may find yourself more in touch with all of your best qualities. On the 15th, the sun moves into Sagittarius and you find yourself in a strong financial position. You are gregarious and warm with friends and family and relationships will be better than they have been in a long time. Remember that we learn about ourselves in two ways: the first is through self-reflection and the second is by being with others and learning about ourselves through them. With Mercury in Sagittarius, your health will be wonderful as long as you adhere to a disciplined regime. Do you already have one in place? If not, now is the time to initiate this process. With Venus in Scorpio, you are able to complete all that you need to but you may do so at a slow pace. A part of you may be itching to take a risk. Maybe you can express this urge via a fun hobby? On the 20th December, Venus moves into Sagittarius and you are full of innovation and the urge to share ideas with others. There will be plenty to celebrate this month.

What gives you confidence? This is an important question. Do you bring your confidence from a well deep inside of yourself or do you draw it from things outside of yourself? Finding a way to restore your inner sense of faith and harmony is so important. It can be self-generating. You don’t need others to do this. On the 15th, as the sun moves into Sagittarius, you think positively, and your family life feels harmonious. Your attitude impresses others and people respond very well to you. This feeds into the Sagittarian aptitude for luck; people like you and want to help you out. With Mercury in Sagittarius, you are effortlessly popular and very much a people person although you may be drawn to a larger mission. Remember to focus on your best qualities: tolerance, kindness and leadership. You can generate warmth in people. Venus in Scorpio suggests that this will be a time of high expense but there will still be a steady flow of money. Avoid poor habits and vices. Smoking and drinking should be avoided as should any excess. On the 20th, as Venus moves into Sagittarius, you start a good phase where many good things can happen to you, dependent on your stage of life. Go for your dreams.

With the sun in Scorpio, success is sure. You will receive monetary gain from property related sources. Your confidence is at a very high level and putting yourself out into the world is easy. You are rather fearless. Not much can ruffle your feathers. Honesty is encouraged with this placement, especially in relationships. On the 15th December, the sun moves into Sagittarius which can lessen your will-power. You may feel tense and unsure, but you will be supported by those close to you so make sure that you communicate and remain open. This is so important for you dear Capricorn. Mercury in Sagittarius may make you feel that life is not going quite as planned. The unexpected may happen. Try to see this as fun and role with the punches. If you can be flexible, and not rigid, the ‘fall’ will be easier. Venus in Scorpio encourages growth and achievement. You may find love at work. On the 20th December, Venus moves into Sagittarius and at work you may find yourself working as part of a team or with a partner. You will move from independent, and perhaps even solitary, to part of a larger whole. This is a chance to practice new skills.

This continues to be a favourable period for you dear Aquarius. The sun remains in Scorpio lending personal magnetism and impact to your character. At work, you are appreciated by your colleagues and money is no object. You are healthy, and your life is fun and full. On the 15th, the sun moves into Sagittarius and you will experience a heightened sense of confidence which you can carry forth into any area of life that you choose. You may see financial or business growth under this placement. Sagittarian energy is communal, and the positive ramifications of this placement will extend to family and friends. With Mercury in Sagittarius, you will be recognised and appreciated by society at large. This may bring fame, money and success. Venus in Scorpio suggests a time of huge achievement at work and you may start a new venture. This is a good time to make a much-needed change, especially if you’ve felt stagnant for some time. On the 20th December, Venus moves into Sagittarius bringing many professional benefits. You will be drawn into uncharted territory. You want to do something new and different and, so you should.

Are you feeling lucky Pisces? With the sun in Scorpio, you can make almost anything that you want to happen, happen. Relationships are especially benefited as you are able to merge with your partner in an almost mystical way. Ensure that you have your boundaries in place so that you do not respond to just anyone. You need to be with a partner whom you trust and who respects you. Not just anyone deserves your special brand of connection. This should be a rare luxury. On the 15th, the sun moves into Sagittarius. You will be at the top of your career and there may be a new job or business opportunity on the cards. Mercury in Sagittarius sees new developments coming your way. This is exciting as it enables you to use your skill-set in intriguing new ways. You may find it hard to make big decisions, but you’ll enjoy spending time with family. Venus remains in Scorpio until the 19th and your interest in the spiritual will strengthen. If pursuing a legal case, you will be victorious. On the 20th December, Venus moves into Sagittarius and you may find that people have advice to give you. Use the advice that resonates with you. It’s imperative that you try to balance your personal and professional life. In love, there is only bliss.