Your Monthly Horoscope for November 2018

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Your Monthly Horoscope for November 2018

Expert astrologers of Astroyogi give out the monthly horoscope for November 2018. For personalized horoscope analysis and future insights consult our experts online.

With the sun in Libra until 16th November, you may be quarrelsome and difficult in interactions with your partner. This placement sparks a degree of restlessness that manifests in arguments. You may also find that auspicious events are delayed, causing frustration. If single, your feisty edge gives you some advantages. As the sun moves into Scorpio on the 16th, you may find that many areas of your life are called into question, including your career and love life. You are urged to change or transform. Facing up to what is not working for us is never comfortable, but it is important that you scrutinise your life right now so that you can make appropriate changes. Mercury in Scorpio lends you resilience, tenacity and an ability to impress colleagues that may mark your card for the future. Venus in Libra suggests a focus on love, whether the relationship is new or vintage. Your passion and energy is drawn to the realm of your love life. On the 6th, Mars moves from Capricorn to Aquarius, which creates an enthralling element to your love life. You also enjoy a steady influx of money from overseas and your health is robust. Enjoy! 

This month has a slow and heavy start, but you are a bull and able to push heavy mountains. Your love life and career may be sources of stagnation, and there may be delays that are not ideal. Yes, you are patient, but this patience has limits. On the 16th, the sun moves into Scorpio which can trigger hardships in your relationships although ultimately the love is there, ensuring that you are able to move through any problems that arise. Mercury in Scorpio suggests some hardship at work, but nothing that you can’t traverse. There is a greater chance of conflict with women at this time. Venus in Libra brings a plethora of positive tidings your way. Firstly, you will feel positive in body, mind and soul. You feel energetic and able to reach for what you desire. There are plenty of opportunities in terms of career and education, and you may become a parent. On the 6th, Mars moves from Capricorn to Aquarius which creates a pleasant time for you at work. Colleagues appreciate you and you appear to be above the fray. In relationships, your partner is caring, loving and tender, all the things a Taurus enjoys.

Gemini is closely interlinked with childhood, and with the sun in Libra, children bring good tidings. When you engage with your own inner child, life opens to you in beautiful and inspiring ways. You may reunite with an old friend or flame, providing either a path for the future or the closure required to finally close a chapter of life. On the 16th, the sun moves into Scorpio. Your career is moving in a compelling direction. Your joints may feel achy and sore, so do prioritise yoga practice and swimming. It’s important to get your body moving in a proactive, gentle way to undo those tangles. Your love life proves to be very entertaining. Mercury in Scorpio is a wonderful placement for artistic Gemini’s. You will produce some of your best work. With Venus in Libra, you impress others effortlessly and recognition is guaranteed, which may make you nervous. You will want to focus on educational opportunities, and you’ll be a zealous student. If you have feelings for someone, your approach will be taken well. On the 6th, Mars moves into Aquarius, heightening your interests in romance and spirituality.

Cancer is the mother of the zodiac, and closely affiliated with all things maternal. This month, you may have concerns about your mother’s health so please do check in with her. There is a degree of tension in terms of wanting to make a change but not being sure how. The answer will come to you in time. On the 16th, the sun moves into Scorpio, triggering fame and recognition for Cancer natives. This is a wonderful period to make a career-related change. Your personal life flourishes, especially your love life. Mercury in Scorpio can trigger worries and a fixation on failure. It’s important to take a step back from this mindset, which originates in fear, and to view it instead as a time for experimentation. You’ll find out what you want. Venus in Libra suggests newness and novelty. You may live like a King or Queen, and don’t you deserve to? On the 6th November, Mars transits from Capricorn to Aquarius, shifting from a place of structured seriousness to one of detached experimentation. This is a good time for thinking about new possibilities, but not acting on them yet. There is no rush.

This month is one of great activity for Leo natives. You will be on the social radar that’s for sure. A happy Leo is one content with being in the spotlight, for you want to be seen. For you, being seen is synonymous with being loved. You need the applause and for all eyes to be on you. Make sure that you don’t burn out but do enjoy being centre of attention. On the 16th, the sun moves into Scorpio, and you will come up with endless innovative ideas, primarily at work. These will be received well due to your bold and dynamic personality. Others may give advice that comes to your rescue. Your mind feels calm and stable, and your love life flourishes. Mercury in Scorpio enables you to make new friends and have fun. Venus in Libra indicates that you will meet with old friends and re-charge old relationships. Only you know what is worth bringing forward into the future. On the 6th, Mars moves into Aquarius which enables you to forge romantic and friendly alliances. A new love may enter your life.

With the sun in Libra, this is a good time to think about your future trajectory. What do you want your life to look like? What matters to you? You have control in the present to impact your future. You may be blunt or direct in your speech. On the 16th, the sun moves into Scorpio indicating travel will be of paramount importance to you. This placement adds shimmer and glimmer to your love life. You will certainly be an attractive prospect to potential suitors. With Mercury in Scorpio there may be misunderstandings within your family, so be careful to express yourself directly, honestly and with integrity. It’s very important that you engage with others, although you may feel anti-social and want to retreat. This may be a time of stress for you, which explains your aversion. Venus in Libra bolsters your communicative abilities, you will talk the talk, now you just have to make sure you walk the walk. On the 6th, Mars moves into Aquarius. You are encouraged to focus on yoga and meditation to boost your well-being. Consistent practice is essential.

You may begin this month lacking in confidence. There may be difficulty concentrating and an overarching fear of loss. This fear is innate to all humans. Seeking advice from your elders may be a solution. There are opportunities to travel and change your environment, which will assist with your mood. You may just require a change of scene, whether temporary or permanent. On the 16th, the sun moves into Scorpio, which puts you in a financially secure position, although you may need to watch your tongue. You may be less diplomatic than usual. With Mercury in Scorpio, there are many educational opportunities for you, should you wish to pursue them. Venus in your own sign of Libra is a placement that enables dreams to come true, therefore you should allow yourself to dream big. You will complete what you start and face life with excitement. With Mars in Aquarius, you may enter into parenthood. Expect a mix of excitement and tension. Electricity ensues.

Usually so decisive, this month you may struggle to make decisions. This may make you feel uncomfortable, as you like to get to the crux of a problem. Not everything can be black or white. Sometimes we need to feel things out for longer. Seeking the advice of an expert may assist when it comes to bigger life decisions. On the 16th, the sun moves into Scorpio and you’ll be super speedy at work, completing tasks with ease. If you work on or near water, you will be benefitted. After all, water is your element. This is a great time for business expansion, as well as romance. With Mercury in Scorpio, others may be envious of you, but this is all in a day’s work for Scorpio natives, as you can’t help but be noticed. Venus in Libra piques your artistic aesthetic interest, you want to be surrounded by beautiful things. On the 6th, as Mars, planet of action, moves into Aquarius, you’ll enjoy plenty of affection from your parents and many beautiful new things. Harmony is achieved.

The sun in Libra fortifies understanding between couples, maintaining healthy levels of respect, friendship and loyalty. If single, you may receive lucky news and meet a partner who suits your adventurous approach to life. This is also a wonderful period for financial growth. On the 16th, the sun moves into Scorpio which can trigger a dip in self-confidence. Have a little faith in you. There may be some distance between you and your romantic partner, which should be bridged with communication. Mercury in Scorpio encourages you to consider your future in a calm and rational manner. Venus in Libra produces desirable results and your hard work pays off. Your romantic relationships are at their best. You have a heightened appetite for food and pleasure. Mars in Aquarius indicates a desire to take many short trips, your urge to explore is keen. Be cautious of your health as you may be sensitive to environmental stimuli.

At work, you will need to work hard to get where you want to go, but you are a natural hard worker. You understand that you only get it if you work for it. Be prepared for a degree of competition. A lone wolf, this probably won’t affect you too much. Ultimately, don’t be lazy. Everything will work out well. If single, this heralds a romantic period for you. As the sun moves into Scorpio on the 16th, you may gain money from a property. Your confidence will be high. In relationships, it’s important to be both honest and direct. Mercury in Scorpio promises recognition and you enjoy the benefits of favourable luck. With Venus in Libra, you may need to balance your professional and personal life. This is a juggling act for us all. On the 6th, Mars moves into Aquarius and you enjoy a financially strong time. Hard work bolsters you further. If a student, you may receive a scholarship. Others sense your potential and are willing to help propel you further along the path you desire to be on.

With the sun in Libra you enjoy good health, which impacts your entire disposition. In terms of your love life, things are good and may be moving to a more solid commitment such as marriage. Your professional life is also ticking along nicely. As the sun moves into Scorpio on the 16th, you enjoy a mix of personal and professional bliss. You are appreciated at work which bolsters your self-esteem and confidence. Mercury in Scorpio suggests a high workload but nothing that you can’t manage. You are also appreciated. Be weary of long journeys. With Venus in Libra, growth is guaranteed leading to personal evolution. You will enjoy the desired result. On the 6th, Mars moves into Aquarius and serious issues reach a resolution. The women in your life provide you with excellent advice and are more than happy to ‘save the day.’ Your love life is also enhanced making this an exciting time for prospective new love.

Avoid making any big decisions at the start of this month as you are in no position to be sure about what you want. Take your time. You can mull things over slowly. Your confidence may be undergoing a dip, so do what you can to maintain a healthy level of self-esteem. As the sun moves into Scorpio on the 16th, you’ll enjoy flourishing relationships, that blossom like flowers. You can charm the birds from the trees and even an enemy could be transformed into a friend. With Mercury in Scorpio you may experience an unexpected failure and feel restless. Find a way to offset some of your worries. Venus in Libra urges you to take care of your own health. Make time for beneficial practices. On the 6th, Mars moves into Aquarius, prompting high expense. Make sure that you are wise with your money and invest if possible. Keep your financial situation healthy.