You are Most Likely Addicted To...

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
You are Most Likely Addicted To...

There can be a million things we can possibly get addicted to. It can be  drugs, sex, gambling or even shopping. The list can get endless, however we thought things may turn interesting if we match up the traits of the 12 zodiac signs with the most common addictions. Which sign will most likely succumb to which vice? Who loves to get high when they are down and depressed? Sounds interesting? Take a look and check out what you are most likely to get addicted to:

Aries - Getting high on alcohol or tobacco is the way for an Aries to speed up their life or spice up their mundane life as humanly as possible. Once committed to their vices, it becomes nearly impossible for them to quit.

Taurus - We all know the love Taurus have for fine dining and other materialistic pleasures. It may not be easy for the rest of us to take our natural love for food to an addictive level but it’s not the same for Taurus. They will lean onto food to cope with stress by binging on junk food or by keeping a stash of cookies in their sock drawer. They can easily submit to the vices of drinking and smoking as well.

Gemini - It represents the Twins and these individuals are known to have multiple personalities. They are indeed a moody sign and their mood swing often feeds a drive for sex and a passion for cigarettes. An addiction to cigarettes to an extent that smoking once in a day can easily turn into one or many packs a day kind of addiction.

Cancer - They tend to stress a lot about their body image and can experience constant heightened state of emotional and physical insecurity. This can leave them reaching for medications to maintain their desired body image. If their body image leads them into depression, they can imbibe in alcohol as well to drown in their sorrows.

Leo - It has been observed that Leo natives can participate in every kind of addiction one can possibly imagine of. This is because they believe to be the Kings and that they are larger than life. They love the thrills of a good chase and the high of winning. Drinking, gambling sometimes even using drugs and chasing sex is what they may get addicted to.

Virgo - Virgos are known to be fussy and workaholics. They like to keep themselves busy more than any other sign. These individuals can easily get addicted to drinking and smoking in order to relax. It acts as a quick fix and before they even realize it, they are always on it.

Libra - We cannot deny the fact that these individuals are one of the most prominent idealists. But here’s the problem, once they fall hard they can easily resort to alcohol and recreational drugs.

Scorpio - Passion coupled with an extremely high sex drive makes them a perfect full-blown sex addict. They are also known to be obsessed with accumulating fancy things as much as they love making money. Apart from their sex addiction, these individuals can easily turn into shopaholics as well.

Sagittarius - Notoriously known to be restless individuals combined with their body’s perfectionism, they feel the need for physical activity by indulging in unrestrained sex, cigarettes and alcohol. Judge them all you want but this is their way in order to stay happy.

Capricorn - Capricorns are known to be more organized and structured in life. As a result they are less likely to fall into any kind of addiction than any other signs. However, they may tend to suffer from eating disorders.

Aquarius - these are open-minded individuals are also adventurous and experimental by nature. They may try anything for once but that soon translates into constant drug use more than just anybody else.

Pisces - Pisces are deeply emotional and the way of handling stress or trying to escape from a difficult situation makes marijuana their obvious drug of choice. This can become a problem as their addictions usually stem from depression.

Be it any form of addiction, too much of anything is bad. And too much of bad stuff like alcohol, tobacco or gambling has reportedly ruined many lives, directly or indirectly. Why is it that sometimes all attempts to get rid of such addictions fail? Astrology has an answer! Speak to astroYogi astrologers today!