Will Gun Milan Completely Define Relationship Compatibility?

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Will Gun Milan Completely Define Relationship Compatibility?

Celestial bodies at the time of our birth. Thus, Hindus note the time of birth of a baby and make a birth chart on the basis of the time, day and place of birth. This chart, called ‘Janam Kundli’, is used through the native’s life time while taking any important decisions or taking precautions to avoid any forthcoming mishaps predicted in his life.

An important aspect of Vedic astrology has always been to find out relationship compatibility between two suitors, before tying the nuptial knot, since the youngster would be stepping into an unknown realm of life. This is done by a process called ‘Gun Milan’, which involves the matching of the ‘Janam Kundli’ of the boy and girl.

‘Gun Milan’, involves eight individual tests (having a total of 36 points) and each test, depending on compatibility between the boy and girl, generates a certain number of points (Gunas). These points are added together, to get an overall score.

It is believed that if the number of Gunas between the boy and girl, is less than 18, the couple is incompatible. If the number is between 18 and 24, the alliance will be average, but acceptable; if between 25 and 32, it will be good and if the score is above 32, the couple will get along very well and will lead a harmonious life.

An important aspect of ‘Gun Milan’ is that, two compatible ‘Kundlis’ also re-enforce a happy marriage as the horoscopes also have a combined impact on the couple’s future and lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

All this had a lot of importance during those times when the boy and girl met each other only after the nuptial knot was tied. Both the families greatly depended on ‘Gun Milan’ as a mode of ‘security’ for their child since marriages in a country like India, was expected to last a life time.

Over a period of time, a lot has changed regarding choosing a life partner even in orthodox Hindu families. Today; of the eight tests, the ‘Graha Maitri’ test (used to examine the strength of the love between the couple) seems to outweigh the other seven. Maybe because of this, there is an alarming increase in the number of marriages breaking, even before they ‘take off’.

Today, astrologers have tried to simplify problems that may arise when the ‘Gunas’ don’t add up to a satisfactory number. Many implement western astrological concepts and use ‘Composite Charts while checking alliance. Other astrologers are open to certain exceptions in each test and when there is no scope of any compatibility; then remedies are suggested by the astrologers to get rid of the ‘Doshas’.

But many times even if the ‘Kundlis’ are compatible, the marriage comes across many roadblocks. This could be if the matrimonial knot is not tied at the right ‘muhurat’.Thus, relationship compatibility can depend on a number of factors.