Why Red Is The Colour Of Passion

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Why Red Is The Colour Of Passion

Colour is a form of non-verbal communication and 'Red' can represent a range of emotions from anger to action to determination to ambition or to PASSION. This colour attracts the most attention and is associated with seduction, sexuality, eroticism and immortality, possibly because of its close connection with passion and with danger.

Red also represents a boost in our physical energy levels, it increases our heart rate and blood pressure and helps in increasing adrenaline in our body. And that’s just the correct ingredients for some great passion.

Every person has a choice of colour and that unconsciously reflects the state of his body, mind and soul. Colours have particular traits and are governed by particular planets. Red is a colour associated with Mars.

Red is one of the primary colours of visible light. Those who love ‘Red’; have a strong sex drive and are likely to end up having extra-marital affairs. Different Zodiac signs are ruled by different colours. For eg; Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and so they are active, fiery and Red .

In ancient times, Egyptian women used red to redden their cheeks and lips. They would also use henna in their hair and paint their nails red.  Did Eve use a red leaf to cover herself - or did she bite into the 'Red' apple to do the trick? 

When one goes back into history, one sees Red mostly used to express and convey energy and passion. Ancient Roman brides wore a Red shawl. Van Gogh used red and green to express in his paintings "the terrible human passions"! Both the Greeks and Hebrews,considered Red as a symbol of love as well as sacrifice. In a country like India, Red is used extensively in weddings, including the sacred sindoor that is worn, to activate the pituitary gland, that enhances sexuality.

It is for this very reason that prostitutes were required to wear red once upon a time to announce their profession; their houses to be displayed by Red light - hence the term 'Red -light areas' still found in many parts of the country.

It is a colour that will enhance vibrance, passion and energy both in your home, and in your personal attire.

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