Why is Kundali Milan Necessary for Marriage? Here’s An Astrological Guide!

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Why is Kundali Milan Necessary for Marriage? Here’s An Astrological Guide!

Ever wondered why people in India consider taking an astrological guide for Kundali Milan as the first and foremost step in finalizing the marriage prospect between the bride and the groom?



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Well, families prefer to analyze all important factors and follow rituals before accepting a marriage proposal. Astrology is one such important factor considered important in marriages. Yes, the Hindu weddings in India emphasize on Kundali Milan (horoscope matching) for successful marriages. 


Kundali Milan or Kundali matching is a traditional approach to marriages in India, especially in Hindu society. The astrologers analyze the birth chart or horoscope of the boy and girl for marriage. And based on the Dasha or periods of the planets and gunas, they provide an astrological guide for Kundali Milan. If there are any malefic planets in one’s horoscope, astrology helps with remedial solutions for marriage.


Still wondering why kundali milan is so important before marriage and how it can predict compatibility matches of two people before marriage then read on to find out.


Why is Kundali Milan necessary?

As you know, Indian is a country where arranged marriage is a preferred norm. And, marrying a person who is different from you and whom you have never met before can be tricky. That is one reason why Hindus consider matching two kundalis or janampatris (astrological birth charts) before finalizing a marriage. During Kundali Milan, the horoscopes of the bride and groom are matched to determine whether the couple's life will be happy and successful.


  1. One major reason why Kundali is matched before the wedding is to check the overall marriage compatibility of the bride and groom. As per astrology, there are 36 gunas in total, which are matched to determine how compatible the two people are and how prosperous their life will be. If the gunas have problems, then an astrologer may provide various remedies.

  2. Kundali milan of the would-be couple is also considered important to look through the happiness and health of children. For instance Nadi, the eighth guna indicates the chances of childbirth or if there are any problems arising around it.

  3. The kundali matching is used to ascertain physical and mental compatibility. The placements of the planets in the birth chart of both the partners can show their behavioral patterns. Therefore, kundali milan is used to predict both the couple’s mindset, interest, attitude, behavior, and other such parameters. The matching also evaluates the health and well being of both the boy and girl. Physical attraction is also evaluated so as to ensure there is an adequate level of desirability between the boy and the girl.

  4. The timing and positioning of stars can sometimes be such that they create dasha in the person’s horoscope chart such as Shani Dasha or Mangal Dasha. With the help of kundali matching the bad effects of dashas can be lessened.

  5. To solve problems of unmatched or mismatched kundalis, an astrological guide for Kundali Milan is sought. An experienced astrologer will suggest certain upayas (solutions) that can help reduce the ill and negative effects of the dashas or yogas in the kundali of the couple.

  6. By matching Kundali, they also determine financial stability and career prospects. As per Vedic astrology, the movement of planets, after marriage, not only does affect an individual's lives but both the partners' lives too. And, every parent looks for a financially stable partner for their children when looking for marriage prospects. 

  7. Once the kundali has been matched, the astrologer may suggest certain poojas (prayers) for a happy and successful married life.


Significance of the number of matched Gunas:

According to Vedic astrology, there are 36 gunas that are matched to check the compatibility of two people who want to get married. The total number of points under ashta koota matching makes 36 gunas. For a happy and successful marriage, there should be at least 18 gunas match among 36. 


  1. 18 to 25 Gunas is considered a good match for marriage

  2. 25 to 35 Gunas is considered a very good match for marriage

  3. 32 to 36 Gunas is considered an excellent match


Simply put, the main reason for kundali matching or kundali milan deemed necessary as per Vedic Astrology before marriage is to ensure that the married couple will have a blissful, prosperous and, long married life together. Hence, taking an astrologer’s guidance is vital to understand one’s future partner better.


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