Which Gemini is the real one and how can you tell?

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Which Gemini is the real one and how can you tell?

The air sign of Gemini is represented by the dual energy of the twins. Gemini represents the multi-facets of one being and the merging of yin and yang energy to form an androgynous whole. It can be maddening trying to understand a Gemini; are they really who they say they are?

Which twin is which? Can you depend on them in the long haul? 

Geminis tend to adapt to the company they keep; they might be super professional at work, crazy in congenial company and the dream house-guest. They are so adaptable that they can merge with their surroundings easily. The true Gemini nature is somewhat scattered and inconsistent but ultimately well-meaning. Their core qualities of curiosity, friendliness and intelligence always shine through. A keen sense of adventure, exploration and communication is central to the Gemini nature. By enabling a Gemini to be free and explore their own personalities you will be rewarded as they rest on you like a tired butterfly and show you and only you their true colours. Does this remind you of someone? Someone you know closely but not enough? Or is it just you still trying to find yourself? May be talking to one of astroYogi's expert astrologers can help you out.

To know a Gemini is to embrace the facets of the diamond and the colours of the rainbow. You’ll find that behind their charm offensive often lies a personality that can feel deeply insecure, anxious and easily overwhelmed – treat them with tolerance, kindness and support and you shall be rewarded richly. A Gemini embraces the essence of the youngest child and the wisest, most experienced tree in the forest, skimming all aspects of the human condition lightly and taking a little of all it touches. At times, even Geminis can feel unsure of who they are; it’s important for these natives to practice focusing, prioritising alone time to re-charge and getting in tune with their inner sense of self. 

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