When Sreesanth Got Angry Again!

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
When Sreesanth Got Angry Again!

It was not long back in the December of 2013 that former cricketer S. Sreesanth was in the news, as he had found marital bliss with his girlfriend Bhuvneshwari Kumari and his many fans had rejoiced with him in his happiness. The pace bowler was again in the news because of his temper tantrum on the sets of Jhalak Dikhlaja, a celebrity dance show. So Sreesanth was not able to digest the critical comments that judges Remo D'Souza and Madhuri Dixit dished out to him and almost got into a fight with them. The situation deteriorated to the extent where the third judge, Karan Johar refused to make a comment on Sreesanth's performance. Outraged by this supposed neglect of his great performance, Sreesanth stormed out of the sets of the show and refused to even sit through the entire shooting schedule. After his elimination, he issued a statement saying that it was due to his back injury and an unexpected change in shooting schedule that threw him off the kilter, this explanation seems to hold little water. With very little apart from his Tamil-Telugu film Anbulla Azagae going on right now, he seems to be at the rock bottom of his career.

It goes without saying that Sreesanth has had an exceptionally bad year to date; what with the lifetime ban on playing cricket by BCCI and then being chucked out of this dance show. But indiscipline and 'exuberance' is nothing new as far as this Kerala lad is concerned. In the past, he has been fined several times for indiscipline on and off the field, especially after having taken a wicket, when he went totally out of control. The mounting fines and periodic bans by ICC due to non-adherence with the Code of Conduct could not be stemmed even with the help of numerology- he had toyed with the idea of changing his name to 'Srisunth' for better luck, but alas, the plan did not work out!

It is quite intriguing a question as to where does this trouble making gene come from? Maybe his astrological and numerological profile will throw some light on it. As per his birth date of February 6, 1983 he is an Aquarian and ruling number 6. The inventiveness and originality of the Aquarius seems to have been put to foul use in the spot fixing sagawhile the pleasantness that is a characteristic of number 6 seems to have been overshadowed by a certain bitterness. Also, the non-conformist trait of an Aquarian male is evident right from his career choice to his way of celebrating a wicket on field! Since there is nothing in the profile of Sreesanth that may make for an early career demise, the man needs to pull his act together, if he desires to be anywhere close to where he was before all hell broke loose the last year. The stars would have favoured him towards great success, but for this to happen he needs to overcome his personal battles.