When She Is in Love

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
When She Is in Love

What do women want? This is an evergreen question running through the ages with no definite answer to it. However, Vedic Astrology has the quality answers as to how women love and their love traits with regard to each zodiac sign. After all, what is the world without women?  Let us see what Astroyogi’s Expert astrologers have to say about women being in love in accordance with their zodiac sign.


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Aries:  The Aries woman is intrinsically passionate. In the game of love, the Aries woman is often the seductress whereby her partner or lover has to be a really strong match for her confident and experimenting personality or else it is indicative that she will lose interest.


Taurus: The Taurean woman is a deep investor in love with profound intimacy shared physically and emotionally and it is their central theme of life itself. They work very hard on their relationship and are exceptionally loyal. Detachment of any kind is not part of the female Taurean nature in relationships; however, if their partner pulls away or portrays any lack of intimacy then the Taurean woman will take it as a sign of not being interested.


Gemini:  The Gemini woman is very active and visible socially. Due to her charismatic and fluidic behavior she will be quite popular and charming in large gatherings. As a result, it is good to understand that she will have deep emotions but will mostly approach them superficially. A Gemini woman loves well-read, intelligent men; hence, conversations on an intellectual level will go a long way.


Cancer: Cancer born women are very sensual and intimate when in love. The effect is so deep that it will pull you in like a thirsty man to water. Her sensitivity makes her charming, sympathetic and subtly seductive that will ultimately make her a natural attractant. When a cancer woman invites you to her home, it indicates that she has trust in you and is comfortable with you.


Leo: The Leo woman loves to take charge, especially in matters of the bedroom. She is adventurous, fiery and has a naturally strong sex drive making her highly skilled in love-making. The Leo woman requires her mate to be dedicated and a powerful personality who is self-sufficient. She is absolutely loyal once she finds her true love or partner.


Virgo: Virgo women are charming, classy, loyal, funny, gentle and attractive. They tend to perfect in everything they touch. Virgo women have a sense of purpose and strong willpower when it comes to romance. They believe in genuine and pragmatic love thereby scrutinizing every possible aspect before venturing into love.


Libra: Libra women ensure to tread cautiously before stepping into a relationship. They find highly emotional people strange and confusing and tend to sneak out of chaotic relationships. Otherwise, libra women are beautiful in every possible way as well as friendly, social, down to earth and well balanced. Externally, libra women are head turners and natural heartbeat skippers.


Scorpio: The Scorpio woman stays mysterious and is very selective of people with whom she shares her intimate feelings. She will be overly zealous and sentimental in romance. When the Scorpio woman falls in love, the partner will feel like being in a puzzle but hit by a hurricane of love. She bases her relationship on trust which is better not to be broken.


Sagittarius: Wild, feisty, independent and exciting, these are the true wild children of the zodiac family. Sagittarian women are adventurous, absolute fun to be with, sociable and they are determined to live life to the fullest. She likes open-minded men who are willing to fight for what they believe in. She will care for her partner deeply and be loyal as long as she is respected.


Capricorn: She can be as sharp as the Japanese Miyabi knife slicing through the thickest meat - smoothly. This and her temper make it hard for men to deal with her. Love is a serious matter for the Capricorn woman and she will not run behind any man unnecessarily. They are generally cold individuals but once behind doors with their partner, they are fervent love mates.


Aquarius: The Aquarian woman is often the witty, clever, inventive, humanitarian and an absolute original person. However, they are also seen to be sarcastic, unruly and detached. The Aquarian women like to play the intellectual amusement game when in love. They are loyal and at the same time, a bit disconnected and not expressive in their emotions.


Pisces: Pisces women are the sweetest people you could ever meet, believe it or not. Piscean women are compassionate, gentle, friendly, and kind. They are almost angelic in nature. They possess deep emotions, so watch out for still waters as they often hide a passionate, sensitive nature below the surface.