What Happens When a Heart finds it Impossible to Love another Heart?

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Top 10 Planetary Combinations in a Horoscope 


That may reveal the possibility of Divorce, Extramarital relationship, Trouble in Love, Romance, Marriage, and Relationships.

Spiritually, Relationship means two things - one that we are all so same and second that we are all so absolutely unique.

The sameness or the similarity gives a sense of safety to the mind which the mind is most concerned about and the uniqueness delights our heart and soul.  It is the Uniqueness that makes the world look beautiful.


A relationship is an endeavor of a heart to find similarities while exploring and enjoying the uniqueness of another heart, another soul, another being.


But what happens when a heart finds it impossible to love another heart?

What happens when a soul finds it impossible to go on and gets stuck in a dead relationship.

What happens when emotions go out of control and mind becomes crazy?

What happens when trust becomes a debate and love becomes the victim of reasons?


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