What Happens When a Heart finds it Impossible to Love another Heart?

Wed, Jul 31, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Jul 31, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
What Happens When a Heart finds it Impossible to Love another Heart?

Top 10 Planetary Combinations in a Horoscope 


That may reveal the possibility of Divorce, Extramarital relationship, Trouble in Love, Romance, Marriage, and Relationships.

Spiritually, Relationship means two things - one that we are all so same and second that we are all so absolutely unique.

The sameness or the similarity gives a sense of safety to the mind which the mind is most concerned about and the uniqueness delights our heart and soul.  It is the Uniqueness that makes the world look beautiful.


A relationship is an endeavor of a heart to find similarities while exploring and enjoying the uniqueness of another heart, another soul, another being.


But what happens when a heart finds it impossible to love another heart?

What happens when a soul finds it impossible to go on and gets stuck in a dead relationship.

What happens when emotions go out of control and mind becomes crazy?

What happens when trust becomes a debate and love becomes the victim of reasons?



Love causes closeness, an urge to merge

Hate, doubt, lust and greed cause distance, an intense desire to go as far away as possible


Believe it or not - More than 50% of the people who approaches an astrologer have some or the other issue related to a relationship. Without intellectualizing the causes and the reasons that lead to problems in the relationship, we will discuss only the astrological part of the issues.


Our Ancient Astrological and Vedic Texts clearly describes in great details Planetary combinations that reveal the fault lines and the probable reasons that usually leads to various kinds of relationship issues. 


In this article, we will discuss the relationships issues related to love, romance, marriage, divorce, an extramarital relationship, lack of trust between partners, sexual, emotional, mental or social incompatibility etc. 


There are hundreds of PLANETARY combinations that can reveal the problem is a relationship. 


In this article, I will share only the top 5 planetary combination in a horoscope that according to my experience are the most common combinations that reveal trouble in relationships.


1. Any question related to such issues first looks at the position of Venus in the horoscope. Debilitated Venus, Venus in a bad house, Venus in bad company, Venus aspected by a bad planet is a sure sign of not so happy and fulfilling relationship.


2. 7th lord in the 8th house may be a sign of lack of trust in a relationship. 7th lord in the 8th house is certainly not a good situation for peace and harmony in a relationship. 7th lord in 8th may signify Sudden and catastrophic changes, interference of 3rd person in the relationship, extramarital relationship which may and may not be very intimate.


3. 8th Lord in 7th house may be a sign of involvement of external forces in the relationship or maybe an old flame may come and burn the happiness of the house.  It may also be a sign that an unpleasant secret may come out in the open and may ruin the relationship beyond repair.  


4. 6th Lord in 7th may reveal a constant conflict between the couple, 7th lord in 6th house may be equally bad and may signify an unpleasant alliance or an uncomfortable companionship. When the energies of the 6th house affect the 7th house or lord in any way it creates some problems for sure.


5. 7th lord in 6th may signify the distance between a couple if not enmity. Lack of warmth, physical and emotional distance. This combination may also signify imbalance in the marital relationship. 6th lord signifies disease also so it may show the life partner may have some kind of illness that may become the reason for the imbalance in the relationship. 


6. Debilitated, weak, badly placed lord of the 7th house is also one of the most common signs of relationship issues. 


7. Rahu is placed in the 7th house disturb the energies that promote harmony and balance between two people. Rahu is a taboo breaker and wants to break the boundaries of the matters related to the house it occupies and therefore it is certainly bad for marriage, partnership and relationships.


8. Ketu in the 7rth house creates another type of problem which is usually hard for other people to understand. As it is usually less dramatic in nature. Ketu signifies lack of emotional energy required to maintain relationships. Lack of energy and interest in the relationship. Certainly, such a combination is not very good.


9. Saturn is considered dig-bali (empowered) in the 7th house as it gets directional strength in the 7th house but it in practice it is found that Shani being placed in the 7th house may create problems in a relationship. The house occupied by Shani signifies obligation to fulfill the duties of that house. Which may create inner conflict with the basic nature of the person. Relationship has its own demands that may not go down well with the person's own basic inherent nature so the person may feel claustrophobic under the demands of relationship. Unless really badly placed or in enemy Rashi Shani usually does not allow relationships to break.   


10. In Vedic Astrology, the role of Mars is given a lot of importance in the marital relationship. Mangal-Dosha is one of the major factors believed to be the cause of the problem is the marital relationship. Mars or Mangal is karaka of initiative and action, manifestation of life force through an individual. Mars by its placement and under certain circumstances in the horoscope can destabilize the relationship.


If anyone of you is facing any problem with regard to Love, Romance, Marriage, Divorce, lack of trust or love in a relationship or facing issues with regard to mental, emotional, and physical compatibility. Astrology can guide you to understand your karmic obligations and prepare you to deal with these issues in the best possible manner. 


In existence, nothing happens without a reason.


You are one storehouse of energy and in the big cosmic game, you have a role to play. Remember you are life and you are serving a divine purpose.



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