What Would Make Him Commit?

Tue, Oct 24, 2017
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Oct 24, 2017
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
What Would Make Him Commit?

Making a guy fall for your charms is the easy part, making him commit to you and declare his undying love for you is tough. So, how to go about it? Do you wait for him to realize how special you are or are you the kind that takes matters into her own hands and writes her destiny?

Depending upon the sun sign of the guy you are in love with, find out what you need to do to make him commit.

Aries: If your man is an Aries, he'll be passionate about life, love and everything else in general, say Astroyogi.com astrologers. If he is in love with you, expect to be showered with his undivided attention. An Aries loves to date women who are confident. Do not cling to him; the damsel in distress act may be a huge turn off for fire sign Aries.  He will, however, love you forever if you give him the freedom he seeks. Never give in too easily though, as Aries loses interest as soon as the chase is over. Get an Aries man to commit by being as adventurous and passionate about life as he is.

Taurus: Taurus men are sentimental and they are always in it for the long haul. Once you have attracted the attention of a Taurean, make him feel special by being nice to him. They are nice folks and they fall for those who have great family values and are caring by nature. There's no room for meanness with Taurus. If you are in love with a Taurean, let him know how deeply you care, earn his trust and that's all you need to do to make him commit.

Gemini: Gemini runs away from commitment as fast as he can. He seeks stimulating discussions, excitement and a fun-filled life. Gemini is against the very idea of promising "forever" to anyone. It's not natural and they cannot understand why anyone would want to curb their own freedom. But, all this changes when they attract the attention of someone who's different from the rest of the pack and gives him the space he desires. They need space, lots of it. Nothing else works like a charm with Gemini. If you are the kind that can survive his globe-trotting adventures, he's definitely going to commit.

Cancer: Cancer men are deeply emotional and they share a close bond with their family. They would think of a relationship in the long term only when you promise a future that's stable and calm. They love spending time at home with their loved ones. By showing your sentimental side and your loving nature, you can get your Cancer guy to commit. They do not have a problem with long term love; it's the only kind they understand.

Leo: Leo men are attention seekers and they love the spotlight. So, let him enjoy this dominance if you want him to commit. Leo men rarely fall for women who are as ambitious or driven to lead as they are. In their case, they prefer women who can seduce them with their feminine charms. Let him wear the pants in this relationship and impress him with your elegance and style. Leo admires women who are passionate. Your Leo man will commit to you if you manage to keep things interesting in your love life.

Virgo: Virgo men are shy by nature and they do not like public displays of affection. To win his heart, you must be sensitive to his needs and not appear selfish. He notices everything and there's nothing that escapes Virgo. If you are the kind that loves discipline, neatness and order, it wouldn't be difficult for a Virgo man to commit to you. Shared interests will help you attract this man.

Libra: Libra men are easy to take home to but not that easy when it comes to long term commitment. Even when he says he's committed to you, you will have a hard time believing this flirtatious Libran. He has a roving eye and he seems to be attracted to any long legged woman who passes by. He appreciates beauty but when he finally meets someone who understands his need for attention and love, he will take no time to commit. Make him see how much you care, accept him just as he is, and he will be yours.

Scorpio: Scorpio men are made up of so many layers; it's hard to see what lies underneath that tough exterior. There are times when he'll let his guard down and give you a glimpse of his true self. But, you will have doubts. Is he playing a game with you? Is he really into you? You'll be never be sure about your Scorpio man's feelings. If and when he walks up to you and tells you he's in love with you, that's something you cannot question. Scorpio men never beat around the bush. They like women who are independent, intelligent and loyal. If he likes you, he'll let you know and this commitment will be for life.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius men fall for adventurous and independent women. They can't pay attention to any one person for too long. They tend to be drawn to anything new and this is applicable when it comes to dating too. A Sagittarian man, as a result, ends up dating women after women. He does meet someone who's able to tame this wild man. If you are that lucky woman, get ready for a romantic ride. This guy can say the nicest things and take you around the world. He likes to avoid ugly confrontations and unnecessary debates.

Capricorn: Capricorn men are nice guys and they like to treat women with respect. If your man is a Capricorn, worries about him cheating on you will not plague you. This guy has no problem committing to the one he loves and he will rarely indulge in casual affairs. Love is sacred to Capricorn and when he tells you he loves you, don't forget to tell him back. He needs to be sure about your feelings if you want to start a long lasting relationship with him.

Aquarius: It's not easy to captivate an Aquarius man. He has a keen eye for details and he notices anything that's different. He likes different and if you stand out in a crowd, the Aquarius will notice you and he will not hesitate to approach you. He gets along well with air sign women like Libra and Gemini. They like to be seduced and flirted with. The Aquarius man falls for women who are charming and intellectually stimulating. Draw him in with your sensuality and he will be yours as long you keep passion alive in your love life.

Pisces: A Pisces man is sensitive, emotional and romantic. He escapes reality and lives in a world of his own. You will win the heart of this dreamer by being nice to him. He cannot make up his mind and is unsure about committing to anyone. He's clingy though, which means no matter how hard you try to end your relationship with a Pisces man, he'll come back to you and win you over with his sweetness.


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