What is in the stars for Rangoon? astroYogi predicts

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What is in the stars for Rangoon? astroYogi predicts

‘Rangoon’ is slated to release on the 24th of February.  The movie stars, three Bollywood biggies and its director, Vishal Bharadwaj has impressed the audience with his previous releases. The buzz around the movie is burgeoning as the release date is closing in, and it is for certain that the movie will do a good opening weekend business. This movie’s success is crucial for the lead actors of the movie; Saif Ali Khan, Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut.

The last hit delivered by Saif Ali Khan was ‘Cocktail’ which was released in 2012. The actor starred in many box office disasters like Humshakals and Bullet raja, he doesn’t have any major hits to his credit ever since. He would desperately need a hit to regain his star status and reputation. Kangana Ranaut would need a hit to overshadow her bitter ended relationship with actor Hrithik Roshan, which was celebrated my media and gossip columns. Shahid Kapoor, on the other hand, is on the rise to stardom as he has been pretty consistent in delivering hits at the box office. His latest release Udta Punjab was revered by critics as well as moviegoers and he has carefully selected his movies. His next release after Rangoon would be ‘Padmavati’ a dream project of Sanjay Leela Bhansali. So it is evident that the success of Rangoon is much anticipated by these three stars as it is capable of making an impact in their career.

astroYogi experts analyze the horoscopes of these three celebrities to understand how good is Rangoon going to be for them. Rangoon would release on the 24th of February 2017. Sun, Mercury, and Ketu would be positioned in Aquarius, Moon in Capricorn, Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Virgo, Mars and Venus in Pisces. Considering the effect of these most influential planets on the zodiac signs of the film's leading cast the following are astroYogi’s predictions: A Leo like Saif Ali Khan would be feeling lucky this month as we had already explained in our monthly horoscope for the month of February. The only malicious effect on his horoscope is due to the transit of Mercury into Aquarius, this can cause a bit of tension and anxiety in his life. This can also mean the pre-release stress and tension which the star will be going through. Kangana’s Zodiac sign is Pisces and with Sun stepping into Capricorn Kangana is going to enjoy her heyday in her career. She would only need to plan and act in tandem to the favorable situations, with the kind of promotion spree she is into for the film, it doesn’t seem that she is leaving any stone unturned here. Shahid Kapoor shares the same Zodiac sign with Kangana, so it is a favorable situation for him too. As far as reciprocating to the luck brought in by the stars is concerned, Shahid’s hardworking and committed attitude would help him. Our expert astrologer’s predict that ‘Rangoon’ would be a box office success and would give a huge mileage for the career of its lead cast. For an expert consultation about your career click here.

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