What Is the Lucky Colour for Your Zodiac Sign?

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
What Is the Lucky Colour for Your Zodiac Sign?

We, humans, as unique as we are, may each have a different perception of a particular colour. There are, however, some colours which may give a majority of people a perception or an association to certain tangible item or sort. For example: the colour red is seen commonly used for almost all fast food joints. It’s bright and attracts the eye fast just like the fast food shop intends to. It is known to enhance the human metabolism and increase the rate of respiration. Another example would be the colour purple which gives out a perception of royalty, luxury, wealth etc.

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Similarly, when it comes to matters like home decorations or personal styling, certain colours blend with specific individuals much more than others. These certain colours will also make the individuals to be true to whom they are, enhance the vibe and energy as well as elevate their mood. The colours that are the most in connection with everyone can be found through Astrology’s guidance. The colours will bestow upon the individuals with energies associated with their zodiac sign and also strengthen their spirits whereby making the individuals stronger versions of themselves. Let us take a look into what our own expert Astrologers have to convey regarding each zodiac sign.

Aries: The individuals born under this sign will blend and feel at their true self through primary colours like clean, true blue or bright, fiery red. This is because of their simple, idealistic and innocent nature.

Taurus: The individuals of the earth sign Taurus are peaceful and calm people who will blend best with the colours like sap greens, not so bright creams and beiges. Taureans normally get nervous around colours like strong reds and unsympathetic bright hues. 

Gemini: Gemini born individuals are chirpy and peppy people who should mostly be around happy colours like light yellows and light greens. A slightly darker shade of lemon yellow and lime green elevate the individuals under this sign significantly.

Cancer: The individuals who are born under this sign must stick to the colour of pale purple and ultraviolet. Regardless of their personal styling or their own home furnishings, the colour lilac and lavender is the most ideal for them. It makes them true to who they are and brings out the best in them.

Leo: Individuals born under the sign, Leo, which is the most regal sign of the zodiac are advised to wear the colours that are for them, exquisitely, which represents royalty. The colours have to be rich purple, fine gold accents as well as a bit of sunny orange once a while. It makes them true to who they are and bring out their best qualities.

Virgo: The individuals who are born under the sign Virgo likes keeping it serious and clean. That is a primary reason why the individuals are in love with white, grey and a pinch of pale blue similar to the Scandinavian decoration styles.

Libra: The individuals under this sign are ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of beauty which clearly indicates that the concerned individuals are all about being pretty along with a load of romanticism. Their best fits are pastel pink, dusty rose, and millennial pink, with white and blue in the dreamy mix to bring out their unsurpassed and exemplary qualities.

Scorpio: The individuals who are under this sign which is of sex and death simply cannot be associated with cheerful or jolly hues. The individuals best of the best releases out when they are wearing or around deep shades like wine red, burgundy and even black.

Sagittarius: Individuals born under the sign of Sagittarius is all about colours of the season fall like rust and plum. The fire sign is lukewarm, but not dreadful or dynamic like the Leo or Aries. This is the reason why their spirit works with these kind of shades which bring out their potential and the best they can be.

Capricorn: These individuals are classy and conservative where their colour palette is exactly like a home decoration magazine. This is the exact reason why classic chocolate brown colour followed by navy blue and charcoal grey are the most significantly best for them.

Aquarius: Individuals who are Aquarius are fresh and wild whereby their colour palette is just as unusual as them, from metallic’s like electric silver, to aqua-inspired clean hues like turquoise and aquamarine. They in fact, certainly, do bring their best out when in or around these colours.

Pisces: Pisces born individuals are the bubbly, dreamy sweetheart of the zodiac sign lot. Thereby, their colour palette is immediately as saccharine and light. Peaceful as colours that are similar to sea foam, ocean blue are perfect whereas more darker shade like emerald green is also like suitable for them.