What is Name Numerology?

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
What is Name Numerology?

Your name is the first identity you get. Not only do parents and family members give a lot of significance to a child's name, but even in Numerology, a person's name can tell a lot about that individual. Name numerology number also indicates the type of people and the quality of people you are likely to attract in your life.


For instance, numerologists can assess a person's personality treats and ambitions in life from his/her first name, while the surname (or last name) can reveal personal characteristics and genetic influences. Numerology assigns numbers to the various alphabets in a particular manner. Number 1 includes alphabets A, J, S; 2 includes B, K, T; 3 includes C, L, U; 4 includes D, M, V; 5 includes E, N, W; 6 includes F, O, X; 7 includes G, P, Y; 8 includes H, Q, Z; 9 includes I and R. 


Some brief meanings assigned to numbers in Name Numerology include-

Name Numerology number 1 represents strength and individuality, 2 represents a compromising and cooperative individual, 3 is for a creative mind, 4 means the individual is consistent and genuine, 5 means a flexible and adventurous individual, 6 represents a loving and responsible person, 7 means the person will be a natural born-leader, 8 is for a balanced and stable individual, and finally, an individual with name numerology number 9 will be all about his/her family. 


And so, many numerologists believe that simply choosing a powerful and meaningful name for your baby could go a long way in his/her life. There are various personality traits associated with Vedic name numerology. Some of these include- Vedic number 3 which is associated with The Innovator or Vedic number 7 which is associated with The Educator.


Not just your name number, but even the different letters in your name have certain meanings assigned to them in numerology. For instance, the alphabet ’S’ means that the person will be warm and emotional, the alphabet ‘R’ means that the person will be energetic and have a good work ethic, and the alphabet ‘T’ means that the person will be assertive and excitable.


There are certain connotations with the first and last alphabets in a name as well. The first alphabet, known as the Cornerstone, provides general insight about your essential personality and indicates your approach to life's speed bumps and open doors. Basically, your first letter can reveal how you approach and manage the opportunities and challenges that come your way.  


The last letter of your name, the Capstone, indicates your tenaciousness to complete a task. And demonstrates your ability to see projects and ideas through to the end. 


So how to calculate your name number in numerology? There are different ways to do so. But the important part to remember is that when calculating your name numerology number, the critical part is not just calculation, but also the correct and efficient interpretation of your name and numbers. That is why it is best to consult reliable and expert numerologists, who can make you aware of the forthcoming opportunities and challenges in your life.