What Does Your Zodiac Say About Your Partying Style

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
What Does Your Zodiac Say About Your Partying Style

Astrology gives us a lot of clues about the kind of person we are. At a social gathering, how we behave can be traced to our Zodiacs. Who is upbeat about that line of shots to who is dancing like there’s no tomorrow, our signs reveal a lot about our mannerisms that come out to play once the party is in full swing. Read on to find out more about whether you are a party pooper or the life of the party -

Aries - The most eager of the bunch, the Aries native is always pumped up on adrenaline or so it seems. They are excited to meet new people, hence they will be the firsts to suggest a party game that involves everyone. Charades, anyone?

Taurus - A Taurean’s warm presence draws people to them, so they are likely to be seen in a conversational mode at a comfortable spot that  they have made their nook for the evening.

Gemini - They are easily spotted thanks to their social butterfly of a status. A Gemini will be prancing around the room talking to as many people as humanly possible. Just don’t expect them to finish a lot of their stories as the clock is ticking and they still have more people to chit-chat with.

Cancer - Loyal to their friends, they will be at your party but you can’t be too sure of what state of mind they are in. A Cancerian might bring along a friend if he/she is in one of those moods; capriciousness is what they are (in)famous for. If their mood is cranky, they need a friend to get through the obligatory party which they only showed up for because the host is, you guessed it, a close friend.

Leo - Not shy of the being the showboat, Leos are the ones setting the dance floor on fire with their moves or belting out the lyrics to their favorite songs at the karaoke machine.

Virgo - Virgos like to feel needed, and are most likely to be the ones lending their shoulders to the friend crying over a bad breakup after one too many drinks or helping the host clean up or driving a overtly drunk person to their safe abode. You would rarely see them throw caution to the wind and let loose.

Libra - Librans like spreading their sunny disposition and warm aura around; they would gregariously talk to everyone with an infectious and welcoming smile on their face.

Scorpio - They like to involve anyone who has the patience to sit through a conversation about politics in a setting like a party in a meaningful dialogue about the world and its shortcomings.

Sagittarius - Sagittarius natives make sure that laughter and merriment flows wherever they go as they are fond of regaling everyone with anecdotes about their crazy adventures.

Capricorn - Capricorns are usually the ones who organize the party as they enjoy playing the part of the memorable host. They can be seen filling up the half-empty glasses or asking everyone if they are having a good time.

Aquarius - Between meeting new people and catching up with old friends, they are quite the busy body at a party given their long list of acquaintances. With so much on their hands, they are usually out of breath and are seen asking the bartender for a glass of water more than the cocktails. Asking for water at a party overflowing with booze might be considered strange but being the rebels that they are, it is hardly surprising.

Pisces - Flowing to the beat of the energy of the party, they can be seen swaying to the gentle music or just causally floating around, talking to people but not forcing them into conversations. They remain to themselves and usually end up having a good time because they aren’t preoccupied with others.