What Are the Causes of Delay in Marriage?

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What Are the Causes of Delay in Marriage?

Are you worried about your marriage? Do you feel that even after getting consent from both the sides, things become troublesome at the last moment for no reason? Then it is high time you realize that there might be some underlying reasons that are causing delay in marriage.  Reach out to the best love astrologers at Astroyogi! Call Now!

We all wish to get married someday when we feel that we are ready to share a life together with another person who supports us during tough times and gets happy at our success. But how does one feel when there appears to be a number of causes of delay in marriage?

If you are a modern person, then you will not feel like getting married when your career is not set and your maturity has not ripened. Due to this reason, there are many people who take their time and await the moment till they feel that they are ready for marriage.

But when you come of age and are ready to tie the knot, then there can be certain astrological factors that can hinder your path and stop you from getting married. This is why many people resort to the advice of a trusted astrologer, to get the delay in marriage solutions as soon as possible.

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Which Planets Are Responsible For A Late Marriage?

As per Vedic astrology, marriage is one of the most important events of your life and therefore, it is associated with happiness, anxiety and complexity at the same time. The seventh house in your kundali is known as the house of marriage and it is this house that can tell about your marriage - be it late or otherwise. 


We all have heard the proverb - “Marriages are made in heaven” - which adds a divine touch to the concept of marriage. The cosmic significance of marriage is undeniable as this results into a divine destiny that binds the bride and groom together for the next seven births.

However, there are certain challenges that are faced by both the sides, when there are delays in their marriage. There are certain planets that can take up an unfavorable position in your birth chart and create obstacles in your way to marriage.

The planets that play a significant role in marriage are - Jupiter for women and Venus for men. When these two planets are not strong enough to provide the bliss of marriage to the couple, then it is highly unlikely that the marriage will take place. This is because Venus is the planet of love and Jupiter the planet of wisdom and wealth.

If there is no love between the couple then sooner or later the marriage will end up in divorce. And if there is not a constant flow of money in the household and no realistic decisions are taken, then the marriage will surely turn into a failure.

Also, the planet Saturn can also have a lasting and damaging effect on your marital prospects. Along with it, Sun can delay your marriage by taking a position in the seventh house and blocking your opportunity to get married.

Some people also have the manglik dosh in their kundalis, which is a result of an unstable Mars in their horoscope chart. If the Manglik dosh is not rectified timely then this may lead to disastrous consequences like death of the spouse, failure of marriage, etc.

Planets like Rahu and Ketu can also lead to delay in your marriage. While Rahu makes you feel obsessive, Ketu is responsible for you to feel detached and disinterested in getting married. Also, the retrograde and debilitated planets are a major cause of delay in marriages.

But this does not mean that your marital prospects are utterly ruined. By consulting the expert and trusted astrologers you can get all the solutions for delay in marriage. All you need to do is to follow the remedies suggested by marraige astrologers and pacify the planets that are creating a hindrance in your marriage. 


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