Weekly Horoscope For 11th – 17th December 2017 by Astroyogi

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Weekly Horoscope For 11th – 17th December 2017 by Astroyogi

Expert astrologers of Astroyogi give out the weekly horoscope predictions for all 12 zodiac signs. Read on..

The sun remains in Scorpio until the 14th and this proves to be a wonderful time for your career. You just need to make sure that you maintain your concentration and you can achieve great things. Depending on your career goals, you will achieve amazing things during this period, but you need to be clear on what your game plan is. On the 15th, the sun moves into Sagittarius which inclines you towards spiritual matters. People notice you and this can move you another rung up the ladder. With Mercury in Sagittarius, you need to learn not to sweat the small things. Rolling with life’s punches is all part of the game. Not everything can always go perfectly to plan. Venus in Scorpio may trigger some career worries and minor tasks may be delayed. Incorporating stress relief techniques will help you to weather any ups and downs that you experience with ease. Do you already have such a regime in place? If not, now is the time to think about what calms you! 

How are your relationships going? With the sun in Scorpio, relationships are still your focus and you are developing a deeper understanding of what adult relationships entail. No, your partner may not be perfect, but neither are you. In fact, none of us are. If unmarried, you will feel more of a pull to work on your love life. As a sensual, earthy sign, it will not be difficult for you to attract a potential mate. On the 15th, the sun moves into Sagittarius which can trigger low confidence. This is a good time to focus on your professional life. Be prepared for unexpected monetary gain. There is a chance you will be spend a lot of this on social endeavours as you will be out and about more than usual. If interested in politics, you will be more charismatic to the public. With Venus in Scorpio, love captures your attention in an all-encompassing way.

Gemini’s are big on their careers; wouldn’t you say that’s true? As one of the Brainiac’s of the zodiac, you need to use your mind in life, whether at work or in relationships. Known as a Jack of All Trades, this week you are more focused than usual, and you find it easier to channel your attention in a constructive way. With this sort of focus, you can move mountains. On the 15th, the sun moves into Sagittarius which creates positive change for your partners career. If you’ve faltered as of late in terms of your confidence, this is set to change, and you start to feel like your old self again. You are still urged to watch your tongue and avoid unnecessary conflicts with your partner. Make sure that you think before you speak. Patience will get you far although it does not come naturally to you, but practice makes perfect! Venus in Scorpio can make you clumsier than usual so do exercise caution in order to prevent accidents.

Cancer’s don’t crave fame yet as a cardinal sign, you can certainly make things move and you may be surprised at how strongly people respond to you. You shouldn’t be. You deserve it all. Have you made any changes to your career? There is still time to do so should you be so inclined. Ultimately all areas of your life look and feel good. All is well. On the 15th, the sun moves into Sagittarius which brings relief to you professionally. Perhaps you will pass a job interview or complete a project. Whatever stress there may have been around work will fade away. Your relationships feel harmonious and beautiful. You get as much, if not more, than you give. People can become envious of what you have or what you’ve achieved whilst others will admire you. Don’t let either reaction deter you from your goals. With Venus in Scorpio, now is the perfect time for life, especially if you seek a transformational relationship.

Leo, as of late, you have had endless good ideas and you just can’t keep them to yourself. Why should you? Sure, you need help and support to bring your ideas to fruition but plenty of people are willing to give you all that and more. Your mind is so well-constructed that you know very well what you want and need to do, and nothing can deter you. When you are thinking this clearly, you can be a guiding and illuminating force for others who may look to you for inspiration, guidance and leadership. This is a natural and comfortable role for Leo natives. On the 15th, the sun moves into Sagittarius giving you the momentum to complete what you start. For students, your exam results will be positive. Mentally, you are strong, calm and composed and not much can sway you. With Venus in Scorpio, the urge to purchase a car or home is on the cards. You may take many short trips and your relationship is blessed with a lovely cordial quality. In love, Leo’s need plenty of warmth, loyalty and friendship.

Virgo, your love life is set to sizzle. You are normally very composed, even repressed when it comes to love but this week you may let go more than usual. This is a welcome change! You are still travelling for work, but you will enjoy the change of scene that such trips allow. On the 15th, the sun moves into Sagittarius which indicates smooth sailing on the career front. Your friends and family will be supportive of all that you do. Your health and personal life are good enough to keep you smiling and feeling light as a feather. Do not be discouraged from seeking advice from your elders. When it comes to your mother, your love and affection for her only grows. You enjoy being at home and may feel introverted, enjoying hobbies and interests that involve only you. With Venus in Scorpio, luck replaces enthusiasm.

This is a financially excellent week for you and money will continue to pour in. You will not be a spendthrift this week and money will be saved, invested or used wisely. This is not the time for frivolity and you know it. You want to spend time with your loved ones but equally you put in a good performance at work. You’ve achieved the infamous sense of balance you seek! On the 15th, the sun moves into Sagittarius and you will find yourself highly active and social, but you may not find it easy to make any big decisions. You may wish to speak with an expert before formulating your opinions. Life has a wonderful fun energy. With Venus in Scorpio, health problems resolve themselves and you will be in good spirits. This is a wonderful time to pamper yourself. A spa day or relaxing massage will do you the world of good.


You are achieving good things at work and although there may be a sense of tension and pressure, there is nothing that can hold you back. You are on a roll. The hard work that you put in will build up to huge success by the months end. Being around water will sooth you as well as harness the better aspects of your nature and is a healing force for you. Spend as much time near water as you can. On the 15th, the sun moves into Sagittarius keeping you in a strong financial position. Friends and relationships with family are fortified. Friends will be drawn to you as if by a magnet and you will not need to seek them out. With Mercury in Sagittarius, your voice becomes a crucial asset and for those of who use your voice in work, you will be rewarded immensely. Venus in Scorpio ensures that even if at a slow pace, you complete what you start. If you keep walking, you will reach the finish line.

Restoring faith in the self is not always easy. How can it be done? Remembering your positive attributes and focusing on your unique mission in the world is the way. Remember that we all have a purpose and following that purpose is crucial. You are needed in this world as you are a true humanitarian. On the 15th, the sun moves into Sagittarius and you become a true positive thinker, perceiving the glass as half full at all times. With family, there is a blissful sense of harmony and the opportunity to travel. People will be impressed by your change in attitude and they will feel good being around you. You feel in a romantic, amorous mood. If coupled, your partner responds to this energy. Venus in Scorpio urges you to avoid extremist or addictive behaviour. Practice moderation in all things. Excess will have damaging impacts on yourself and others.

Your relationships improve as you reveal more of yourself and are more honest about who you are, going beyond the shiny and serious veneer that you present to the world. Although you are cautious about showing your vulnerable side, others respond remarkably well, especially those that love you, as they are more perceptive than you give them credit for! The sun moves into Sagittarius on the 15th, and you may find that your will-power is weakened and that you are more susceptible to temptations of all kinds. Knowing this is half the battle. You will be supported by those close to you. Sometimes it is best to stand out of temptations way, especially if you feel weak in its presence. With Venus in Scorpio, you enjoy a period of growth and expansion. This should motivate you to keep going.


An appreciated Aquarius is one that gives so much more than is required of them and as of late you feel deeply gratified for the support and good intentions of others. You also enjoy excellent health which is a true blessing beyond even wealth and riches. On the 15th, as the sun moves into adventurous Sagittarius, you will receive a surge in confidence and will be more forthcoming about what you want. It won’t be hard for you to share your opinions and thoughts or to be direct about anything that may be troubling you. Use this time to have conversations that you may have been postponing. With Mercury in Sagittarius, people appreciate your honesty and integrity and the world reacts to you in wonderful ways. Venus in Scorpio gives you the guts and instinct to kick-start a new venture or job change. Your financial condition exceeds your expectations.

A lucky Pisces feels secure in sublime ways and with the sun in Scorpio until the 14th, you are very lucky. This helps you overcome any shyness or reluctance to put yourself out into the world as you know that people will receive you well. In terms of relationships, there is an almost magical bond between you and your partner. You mesh together perfectly. Be sure not to lose sight of your boundaries as it is always important to maintain these structures. On the 15th, as the sun moves into Sagittarius, everything will be perfect from your career to business ventures to romance. Your confidence levels are soaring, and you are coming out of your shell. This is not the time to make any big decisions as your mind and emotions are too open to all possibilities. Simply enjoy the moment. Venus in Scorpio is a favourable time. Be sure to enjoy all it offers.