Want Your First Marriage To Be Your Only Marriage?

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Want Your First Marriage To Be Your Only Marriage?

The quickest and easiest way to find if you and your significant other are on the same wave length is to compare your zodiac signs. You need to agree at some point that to an extent your partner’s personality traits will be based on their zodiac. True that!! Knowing even the basics of how each and every zodiac sign is compatible will give you a good lead. Although any marriage or relationship needs far more depth and other important and necessary qualities other than just the Sun signs. This list should help you read a little more into the science of sun signs and their compatibility before you say your vows:

The law of opposites attract: Yes, it’s a magical feeling when you two opposite sun signs are in love. Now you must be thinking how do you find your opposite sign? Just follow this simple rule of counting your own sun sign as number one for example if you are Pisces, keep a count around the zodiac until you reach the seventh sign which in your case will be Libra,  that’s the opposite sign to yours. Sagittarius and Gemini, Cancer and Capricorn and so on. Remember that when the signs are opposite, everything will always be the opposite be it in terms of emotions, needs, wants and attitude towards life. In the long run, however these kind of relationships always balance each other because of the opposite qualities. These kind of relationships are either passionate or stormy. But they say that opposites attract which is the reason why relationships with an opposite sign has a magnetic aura to it, which makes it all the more desirable.

Sharing similar sun signs can be negative at times: It is not always ideal for two people in a relationship to share the same sign. In the astrological sense, sharing the same sign with your partner for sure maybe a good thing but at the same time if you come to think of it, both will have to deal with the same set of issues and problems. This is because when you are in a relationship with the same sun sign, it also magnifies the same faults and flaws and sometimes dealing with it at the same time. Not such a good idea. For example two Leo people, for sure they will share a fierce and passionate relationship. But both will be bossy in nature and will want to dominate each other, leaving no space for eternal bliss. Similarly, two Pisces people can never be a good match as both will be lost in a dream world wearing rose tinted spectacles. The same applies for other sun signs as well.

Make good use of the elements you share: Same sun signs may not be a good idea but if your signs share the same element, then you will tend to be more comfortable and get along with each other. Like Gemini, Aquarius and Libra have the same element- Air. Likewise it is other sun signs too share the same element like water, fire and earth. Chances of sharing the same element with your partner increases the sun sign compatibility for both of you. You will notice that, both of you understand each other although you may share subtle differences. These differences alone work as the main factor to keep you engaged and in love. Same element partnership always works out to be positive in terms of longevity.

Signs which spell trouble: In astrology there’s a term known as inconjunct signs. This simply means, partners with inconjunct signs have a hard time understanding each other and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to figure out each other. To know what’s your inconjunct sign, count your sun sign as number one, when you reach the sixth and eight sun sign- these are the ones on either side of your opposite sign. For Scorpio, the inconjunct signs are Aries and Gemini and the same applies to the other signs as well. It is a total mismatch and these relationships are very tricky and very rarely successful. It will take a great deal of compromise, passion and understanding to make a relationship with inconjunct signs work. The only element here is couples are full of surprises, but not necessarily happy and good ones. 

Marriage cannot be determined alone on these factors, these are just basic sun sign compatibility. Every individual is more than their sun signs and comparisons of your birth chart can turn your relationship to something quite different than you expected.