Vidya Balan - Astro Analysis of ‘Silk Of Bollywood’

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Vidya Balan - Astro Analysis of ‘Silk Of Bollywood’

An earth sign, Vidya has an earthy but ultra-feminine appearance. The fact that she manages to uninhibitedly portray the characters she presents in different films, has made her one of the most versatile actresses of Bollywood.

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Capricorns are very responsible even as children and once Vidya made up her mind at a very young age, to become an actress, there was no stopping her. It took her ten long years, from a small role in a sitcom, to become a star of the silver screen in 2005, when she got a major breakthrough in the film, Parineeta. She did not look back after that.

Vidya has always been ‘bold’ and ‘daring’ in her choice of films and her role in The Dirty Picture, says it all. It had to take a brave heroine to do a role as ‘sexy’ as that. Capricorns have an authoritative voice and Vidya used her sultry voice to her advantage in this film.

In a profession of ‘size zero bodies’ , Vidya, like a typical Capricorn, remains unfazed. She takes pride in her buxom body and doesn't stop at being a natural.

 Looks can be deceptive and Capricorn women are often considered to be as tough on the inside as they appear on the outside. But Vidya says she sometimes gets sensitive to the judgemental remarks flung her way and as a defence mechanism, doesn’t read or watch entertainment news! 

Capricorns have a very strong work ethic and Vidya says she has no time to even plan a baby. This committed woman considers each of her movies as her baby! 

Home is a happy haven for the intelligent Capricorn, and she loves to loll in her favourite corner with her favourite books.

Capricorns are practical and pragmatic and she doesn't hesitate to voice her opinion over issues like body shamming or the pregnancy clause to be introduced in the film industry.

A Capricorn woman will never forgive if you hurt her and Vidya trusts only a small group of close friends in the industry.

The stars foretell lots of opportunities coming the Capricorn way in 2019. Although they may face stiff competition in their field, their sincerity and hard work will always set them apart from the rest. Vidya will be seen on the silver screen after a hiatus of more than an year, when her last movie, Tumhari Sulu was released in 2017.

 N.T.R Kathanayakudu, with a sequel, N.T.R:Mahanayakudu, to be released in the beginning of 2019 will be Vidya’s foray into Tollywood. Looks like, Tumhari Sulu, which didn’t do too well for Vidya’s career, would surely be adequately compensated with the release of these Tamil movies in 2019. Fans are looking forward to her Mission Mangal, which may also get released in 2019.

Vidya needs to be a little careful about her health in 2019 and specially during the April month, as Capricorns could be prone to some injuries at this time. She shouldn't take too much stress on herself in the last quarter of the year.

Astroyogi wishes Vidya Balan a very happy birthday on 1st January