Venus Transit in Taurus and Its Impact

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Venus Transit in Taurus and Its Impact

The planet Venus exemplifies love, luxury, money, art, and even beauty. Also, being an educator of demons and the art of living, the planet Venus also signifies the pleasures of life. The signs Taurus and Libra are ruled by the planet Venus and it supplements the natives of these signs with intellect, vitality, money as well as all materialistic comforts. Venus usually brightens the life of its favored people. However, it is also known to bring malefic effects such as misfortune, disgrace, and sorrow to the neglected. For 2020, Venus will transit to Taurus from Aries on March 28th, 2020 (Saturday) at 03:55pm and will remain there until August 1st, 2020. Astroyogi’s expert Astrologers have a brief explanation for each zodiac sign on how Venus will affect them.


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(Please note that these predictions are based on Moon signs)



The planet Venus will transit in the 2nd house which will bring excellent results in scopes of income and happiness in the family. Qualities of good speech will be experienced by natives of this sign. It will be peaceful and harmonious in your personal and married life. There is a high probability of a new member coming to the family. Business partnerships will bring in gains in handsome amounts.



Transiting into the 1st house, the planet Venus strengthens the natives of this sign mentally and physically. A tremendous increment or promotion is imperative in the workplace. You will face some stiff competition and tease from your rivals at work. Natives will experience a surge of energy physically and it is best advised to direct this energy to work out at the gym or at some sports. Peace and harmony will prevail at home.



With the planet Venus moving into the 12th house, natives will experience unwanted expenses unexpectedly. With regards to your love life or married life, you will be boosted up with vitality and high energy. You will go through a wave of intellectual knowledge and will be sharp with investments. You need to spare some time on a regular basis to maintain your physical fitness.



Being that the planet Venus is transiting into the 11th house, natives will experience the joy of amassing material or tangible wealth. Investments in properties will go a long way for you in the future. Peace and happiness will be felt at home with your loved ones. It is suggested to do a checkup with the family doctor to take any precautions if needed.



The planet Venus will transit into the 10th house and its effect would be seen positively influencing your relationships with your father and relatives as well as creating a surge of power in your life. Your bonding with different people will be at a higher level. It is advised to direct your surplus physical energy to some sports or spending time at the gym. In your love life or married life, it is all smooth sailing.



With the planet Venus moving into the 9th House, there will be an inflow of monetary gains. Traveling abroad with your loved ones will soon be a reality with some good quality time to spend. Financial gains of unexpected past investments will also bear fruit. You will experience harmony mentally and physically. Natives will enjoy their full-bodied health and vitality. It is advised to keep an eye on the job market as a precautionary measure.



The planet Venus transits into the 8th house where it develops influence to the areas of mental and physical health. There is a high probability that you will inherit an ancestral property which will liven up your energy levels to a new high. Your financial status will be stable. It is advised to check in with the doctor to be sure of any illness. Tensions may arise at home with ego issues but can be resolved with empathetic communication.



With the planet Venus transiting into the 7th house, natives will experience a lot of positive influence. Married people can expect a new member to the family. Lovers can expect to move to the next step of their lives. It is, however, advised to be careful regarding your health and do a regular checkup. At the workplace, it is best to stay away from people who break the rules for the wrong reasons.



As the planet, Venus transits into the 6th house, natives will experience an enhancement in their capabilities of coping. You will feel active and energetic to take on any challenge and will face them head-on. You will find that your expenses are on high due to your family. Hence, you may find yourself short of finances. It is advised to be at your best in the workplace if you are looking for that salary increment.



With Venus transiting into the 5th house, natives will experience sweet moments in their love life or married life. Natives who are interested in someone, well, this is the right time for you to express it as the response would be positive. You will be happy and your mood will be highly energetic. It is advised to not make any investments of any sort. Keeping a check on your physical health will go a long way for you.



As the planet, Venus transits into the 4th house, it would prove to be beneficial for natives as harmony will prevail at home. There is a high probability of you to purchase an automobile or property. Renovations around your house can also take place. You will be required to put in your best efforts to rope in gains of financial nature. It is also advised to take proper health check-up to ensure any precautions if required.



The Planet Venus transits into the 3rd house, Natives will experience a higher level of skill for communication. The transit will help you stay stronge in your hobbies and flourish in it. Natives will be able to earn on their own accord. Experiences of minor health issues will be there, it is advised to pay attention to health and fitness. Traveling short distances will immensely help you and your family as well as give you fruitful results. It is best advised to keep a check on your weight and fitness level as you have been packing over the holidays.


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