Venus Transits to Sagittarius and Its Impact

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Venus Transit in Sagittarius 2019 And Its Impact

The planet of glamour and glitz is transiting to Sagittarius with the Venus transit on November 21, 2019 12:36 PM. How much do you like the good things in your life? Be it your gadgets, automobiles, lifestyle and social circle, how dear are they to you? If the answer is “a lot” then you need to understand the implications of this transit to play your cards well. This will be an inward-turning time period of intense self-introspection. You might get lost in your own character during this time period in an attempt to rediscover yourself. You will discover facets of your own personality that were unknown. You are a reflection of the cosmos, something which is beyond the constraints of human imagination, so accept and embrace yourself.

Venus rules conjugal affairs, relationships, materialistic comforts, wealth, cash flow, vehicles and lifestyle in general. So this transit will have major impacts on these aspects of life. Read on to learn more about the impacts of Venus transit on the 21st of November on your zodiac sign.


While generalized predictions mentioned below can provide you with the peripheral information and implications of this transit, if you need expert guidance an in-depth horoscope analysis would be required. Consult the expert astrologers of Astroyogi 24/7 from your part of the world. Click here to consult now!


[Please Note: These predictions are based on Moon Signs.]


You will stay determined and persist in your efforts during this transit period. Your hobbies and interests will be revived and you will make space for them in your busy schedule. Students who are aspiring to go abroad for higher education abroad will receive good news and will soon fly to their dream destination. Compatibility issues and arguments might bother you in your love life but dodge them with tact and in the end, everything would be fall in place.



It professionals will finally get a breakthrough in that onsite project which you were aspiring for a long time. You will also create a good impression on your superiors with your diligence and hard work at the office. The transit will impart you with abundant positive energy and you need to utilize it to your advantage. Your social life might have to take the back seat during this time period because of your busy work schedule but then again you cannot have it all at once.



You would see expenses shooting up during this time period. A vacation or leisure trip might take up a chunk of your hard earned money. During this transit period, there are probabilities of many domestic disputes. A promotion or rise in your career is indicated, but at the same time competition will grow stronger and your opponents may give you tough competition.



This transit will provide you financial gains and also provide you ample opportunities to grow better in your professional career. You will never miss out on positivity and creative solutions during this time period. Be careful while travelling and especially while driving as there are indications of injuries. Showcase your versatility at the workplace, at times you have to market yourself in a subtle manner. Senior officials are very likely to acknowledge your professional skills at work and appreciate your efforts.



The immediate time period after the Venus transit may not prove to be the best time for you. You may be faced with difficult situations and your reputation will be at stake. This does not essentially be at the professional front, your credibility as a friend or partner may also be questioned. But if you are able to come out of it victorious, you will definitely get some adoration and respect. Mars will be imparting directional strength; it indicates that your efforts will be more action-oriented during this time period. You will be helpful to your friends and family during this time period. Serious investment plans will be considered during this time period. Parent’s health issues may bother you during this time period.



Take your time when it comes to making any decision related to finance during this time period. Maintaining harmony at the home is important during this tenure as friction will affect your mental peace. If you drink or smoke you should try and control these habits as there are chances of you overdoing it.  Don’t get involved in any argument which is not affecting you, as things may backfire and lead to unnecessary troubles and tension.



It’s time to embrace the feeling of gratitude and appreciate all that small things which have made your life so beautiful. You should not be planning major investments during the transit time period. Just put them on hold for a while if you were planning something. Minor health issues may bother you. Take good care of yourself and get medical help if required.



During the Venus, transit period avoid any form of conflicts and arguments. It’s time to take a chill pill and be at peace. You may be more religiously or spiritually inclined during this time period. Visiting a religious shrine will turn out to be a good plan during this time period. Your married life will be blissful during this time period. Unmarried natives may find the right partner during this time period.



This Venus transit will increase your income and also provide you with many opportunities to grow in your profession. A new source of income might seem bright to you during this time period. This will provide you with extra income but make sure that it doesn’t bite into your inner peace and create more stress and tension. Your social circle will become bigger and friends will enjoy your company very much during this time period.



Be nice and polite to your spouse during this time period because only then you would be able to maintain the peace and harmony at home. New business opportunities and alliances are on the cards but do not take decisions impulsively but only after careful thought and scrutiny.  You will enjoy the time spent with your family and children. Avoid unhealthy food habits otherwise it may lead to health problems. It can also prove to be a good time to end enmity with some long-standing enemies through dialogue.



If you have been longing to spend some quality time with your family you might finally get a chance during the transit time period. Income will increase but there would be matching expenditure also. Stock market investments can return good gains during this time period. The monotony at work may irritate you during this time period, you have to convince yourself and stay persistent with your efforts at work. Starting an exercise routine during this time period is a good idea.



Your financial investments would see a boom and it may be a good time to book some profits. Cash flow will be very smooth. At work, your conviction level and negotiation skills would be noted and it would seem like you are the most suitable person who would be able to crack an important deal during this time. It also appears a good time to increase your social circle and subsequently generate some fresh business leads out of it.  Health will be normal and you are advised to eat healthy. #GPSforLife