Venus Transit to Leo on 28th September 2020 And Its Impact On Your Destiny

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Venus was revered as a goddess by many ancient civilizations like the Romans and the Babylonians. The planet is often related to love and romance. In Vedic astrology also Venus is considered the key significator of love life, vigor, and passion. Considering the fact that Venus is transiting from Cancer to Leo on the 28th of September 2020 (Monday) at 01.15 am, you might witness some impacts in your love life. Astroyogi expert astrologers explain the impact of this Venus transit on the 12 zodiac signs.


Please note that these predictions are based on Moon signs. (Know Your Moon Sign)



Venus will be positioned in your fifth house after the transit. The conjunction of Sun, Mars, and Mercury with Venus will form the coveted ‘Chaturgrahi Yog’ in your horoscope. You will hear good news from children during this time period and they would make you feel proud as parents. Couples who are trying for a baby will get the much anticipated good news during this time period. You will be noticed and appreciated for your good work at the office.



The transit will bring Venus to your fourth house. This is an ideal time for you to make a big investment buying a car or property. If you have been trying for a loan to buy such assets, there are high chances that your loan will be sanctioned during this time period. This is particularly a good time period for those who are into politics, as they would get the support and favor of insiders and the masses. You might be concerned about your mother’s health during this time period. You don't need to worry just take good care of her and spend some quality time with her.



The third house in your horoscope is known as ‘Parakram Bhav’ in Vedic Astrology. The Venus transit from Gemini to Leo is happening in your third house. You might witness minor fracas with your younger siblings or cousins. You are advised to stay calm and handle such situations with tact and diplomacy. You will be feeling energetic and proactive during this time period.



Venus in second house indicates financial gains for you. The conjunction of Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Venus which forms the ‘Chaturgrahi Yog’ will take care of all the negativity around you. You will also have the chance to meet your dear cousins during this time period. They may visit you during this tenure, make sure that you treat them well and spend some quality time with them.



Venus is transiting into your own sign from Cancer and will be positioned in your first house. This is a favorable time for you to forge new friendships. You will be at your romantic best during this time period. If you have got somebody to impress then just be yourself and stay confident. You may also buy a luxurious gadget or accessory which you have been eyeing for long.



Virgos are said to be the most romantic in the zodiac wheel. So when the key significator of your love life- Venus, is transiting that should be some news for you! The transit will bring Venus to your 12th house. Your love life would be very happening during this time period. Single natives may find a new love interest. Your expenses will shoot up as you would be spending on luxury and comfort. You might tick off many of those accessories and gadgets which have been lying there for long due to budgetary constraints. Don’t worry you deserve to be pampered.

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The Venus transit on 16th of August will only bring good news for you. Venus will visit your 11th house after the transit which is also known as the ‘Labh Sthan’ in Vedic Astrology. This would bring in more money into your wallet. However, there are also chances for an increase in your expenses along with those financial gains. You need to prioritize and spend on things which are necessary. You may also have to host some unexpected guests at home during this time period.



The transit will bring Venus to your 10th house which is known as the ‘Karma Sthan’ in Vedic astrology. You might get additional responsibilities on the work front during this time period. Scorpio natives those who are into business will also start off with new business endeavours during this time period. This is the time for you to perform and to prove your mettle. A lacklustre attitude will not help as you need to rise up to the situation.

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Venus will come to your ‘Bhagya Sthan’- the 9th house in your horoscope after the transit. If you have been eyeing an accessary or asset for some time then this would be the ideal time to purchase it. You would feel the increase in your overall energy level and enthusiasm during this tenure. This would help you achieve your goals during this tenure.



Venus will visit your eighth house after the transit. If you have been enjoying your luck for some time then that is fine, but if you are relying on it the things may not turn out in your way after this transit. Your hard work would bring in great results, but if you try to relax and stay oblivious to the mounting pressure, then it may take a toll on your career.



Venus in your seventh house indicates romance in the air. Due to the conjunction of Venus with Sun, Mars and Mercury, the ‘Chaturgrahi Yog’ is formed which would bolster your good luck. If you are planning to propose to your love interest then this is the ideal time to make that bold move. However, there are chances of  a third person trying to malign or bring down your partner with some manipulated gossip. You need to trust your partner and prove your love in such situations.



Venus in your sixth house may cause some minor ailments or health issues. If you are stuck in a job which is not suited for your interests, skills or qualification then you might come across a good opportunity during this tenure. You should make sure that you give your best shot and don't let go of this opportunity. Your love life would be very happening and you would spend some quality time with your better half during this tenure.


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