Venus Transit in Gemini ON 1st August 2020

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Venus will make a transit to Gemini on the 1st of August 2020. Gemini is owned by Mercury which stands as a neutral sign to Venus. Venus will join Rahu and Mercury in Gemini, and would be significantly influenced by this association. Rahu being a malefic planet is likely to affect Venus negatively.

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Venus rules wealth, money flow, luxury, marriage, spouse or love interest, monetary expenditure, good food, hospitality, beauty, fashion clothing, love, care and affection. Undoubtedly, its transit would result in perceptible changes in every native’s life.


Following are the likely outcomes of this transit according to the Moon signs: (Know Your Moon Sign)


Impact of venus Transit 2020 in Gemini for Aries Sign
Venus will transit to the 3rd house. You will tend to act wisely but you may need to be bold as well, in line with the situation at hand. Keep a watch on your wallet as some unnecessary spending is likely to occur. Your relationship with your spouse or love interest may suffer some discord, so it would be advisable to stay cool and interact with awareness. This may be a good time to exhibit your inner talent to others, especially your seniors, to gain favours which may be required in the near future. There could be some turbulence in the flow of income. Don’t worry too much as this would be temporary in nature.

Impact of venus Transit 2020 in Gemini for Taurus Sign
Venus will transit to the 2nd house. Being in a confused state of mind during this period will do no good. Keep dilemmas at bay and put off any decision-making that could change your life. Stay alert and watch your back for known and unknown enemies. Money flow will be even but you may struggle to put it to good use. Try to avoid risky activities at work especially those that involve heavy financial expenditure. Concentrating on the projects at hand may be difficult as there would be too many distractions. Delay any critical decision making at this point of time.


Impact of venus Transit 2020 in Gemini for Gemini Sign
Venus will transit to Lagna or the 1st house. You may find yourself consumed by pessimism and may also experience strong feelings of guilt emanating from past events. It would be wise to distract your mind by practicing some form of meditation or worship. Beware of female gender in general and maintain a suitable distance while dealing with them. Your children may cause problems or may be in trouble themselves, so align with them to ward off potential losses. Avoid incurring capital expenditure.


Impact of venus Transit 2020 in Gemini for Cancer sign
Venus will transit to the 12th house. Some foreign connections may surface at work which is likely to be beneficial. Avoid impulse buying as there are chances for regret. Incur capital expenditure only after thinking it through and taking the advice of your seniors. Avoid becoming involved in property related matters and associated financial transactions. Those involved in academics may find it difficult to concentrate, so it would be better to bypass this period. There is a likelihood of simultaneous flow of income and expenditure during this period.

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Impact of venus Transit 2020 in Gemini for Leo Sign
Venus will transit to the 11th house. Avoid travel as you may not be able to reap any benefit from it. Your superiors may not be too pleased with your performance at work. It is possible that some favourable work related opportunities will head your way. Make sure you filter the tough parts out. Avoid sources that are expected to yield windfall gains because the potential losses can be huge as well. Your younger siblings may need your help; be there for them.


Impact of venus Transit 2020 in Gemini for Virgo Sign
Venus will transit to the 10th house. Work related aspect will be bright and may present opportunities for growth. Your overall luck factor will be better than before; capitalise on that! Undertake long distance journeys wisely, as benefits are likely. There are chances of money infusion at work and subsequent overall improvement in cash flow. Watch out for excesses in your eating habits.


Impact of venus Transit 2020 in Gemini for Libra Sign
Venus will transit to the 9th house. Stop yourself from acting on impulse; take mindful decisions. Windfall gains may come your way; just don’t get carried away by them. Don’t deviate too far from your core line of activity and avoid experimenting with anything new. Avoid long distance travels; go only when absolutely necessary. You’ll have to wait for better opportunities to come your way in the near future. Try to stay close to your father as he may need you during this time.

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Impact of venus Transit 2020 in Gemini for Scorpio Sign
Venus will transit to the 8th house. You will find it difficult to maintain cordial relations with your spouse or love interest. Stay away from windfall-gain activities or there could be big losses. Avoid making any kind of new investments. Seek the advice of elders before you make big financial transactions. Maintain good moral behaviour and try to tide over this period using loads of common sense.


Impact of venus Transit 2020 in Gemini for Sagittarius Sign
Venus will transit to the 7th house. You need to be extra alert while dealing with clients at work. Business deals and negotiations may not work too well at this time. It would be wise to limit your work within the current set of activities only. New love affair proposals may come your way; approach them wisely. Your overall personality and aura will put you at an advantage during this period, so do put it to the best use. Avoid shortcut methods to make money and stay away from windfall-gain activities.


Impact of venus Transit 2020 in Gemini for Capricorn Sign
Venus will transit to the 6th house. Avoid taking loans; make do on the funds you currently have. Work will get challenging, so approach it intelligently. Do not embark upon any kind of new activities; stick to your current role or project. Your children may face some life problems during this period, so stay close to them. Keep a good track of your overall physical health and eat healthy food only. Working out can be an additional benefit.


Impact of venus Transit 2020 in Gemini for Aquarius Sign
Venus will transit to the 5th house. Take good care of your health. Stomach related problems such as indigestion and inflammation can cause problems, so stay closely tuned to your health. Income patterns may improve but do not try to force or manipulate anything. Your children may yield some happiness to you. Avoid property related transactions and keep in close touch with your mother. 


Impact of venus Transit 2020 in Gemini for Pisces Sign
Venus will transit to the 4th house. Drive safely and keep yourself away from edges. You need to be very perceptive and diplomatic while dealing with others at work. Travel is not expected to be rewarding so it may be better to avoid it altogether. Maintain good moral behaviour and practice a good work ethic. You may come in touch with some influential people at work. 


Best of luck
Aacharya Aaditya


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