Venus Transit in Capricorn 2021 - A time full of surprises for all

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Venus would be transiting to Capricorn on 28th January 2021. It would get conjunct with Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn, thereby creating a three planet influence to Cancer and Capricorn itself. Venus represents love, emotions, wealth, beauty, luxury, good food, aroma, fashion, clothing, lifestyle, female gender, etc., in Astrology. Get expert guidance on various aspects of life by the best Astrologer Aacharya Aaditya.


The following are the possible results of this transit to various Moon zodiac signs. (Know Your Moon Sign)


Venus would transit to the 10th house, and it is likely to deliver good results. Your income flow would be very smooth, and your work life would turn effortless. It would be an excellent time to accept new projects and accept new responsibilities at work. Authority would be acting in your favor, and they would acknowledge your efforts. It would also be good to get married/express your feelings to your spouse/love interest. Overall a very prosperous time is awaiting you ahead.


Venus would transit to the 9th house, and it is likely to deliver good results. Travel is expected to deliver favorable results. Luck would be in your favor, and you are likely to come across people and opportunities that’ll yield growth shortly. Your overall personality would shine, and your negotiation skills would be at their best. The family environment would also be favorable, and you should organize a family get-together to make things memorable. An insight into spiritualism can be a wonderful experience.


Venus would transit to the 8th house, and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Stay away from speculative activities and windfall gain sources of income. There can be an unexpected expenditure, and you need to ensure that it should not be arising in the form of a fine or penalty. Keep a close watch on your children, and they may be demanding your immediate attention. There can be opportunities to indulge in research-based/probing activities, and in case this aspect is associated with your work, it is likely to benefit you. You may also gain opportunities to insight into occult activities, so you better learn the good part of it.


Venus would transit to the 7th house, and it is likely to deliver good results. You are likely to enjoy a blissful time with your spouse/love interest. There are bright chances of you adding some valuable new clients to your current set of the portfolio. It would be a prosperous time for those involved in academics, and you can expect some beautiful results flowing your way. Work would be smooth, and your overall cash flow would also be favorable. Association of female gender would be beneficial to you but watch out for any excesses.


Venus would transit to the 6th house, and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Work would turn competitive, and desired results would be obtained only after much labor. Maintain a limited profile during this period and delay acceptance of new responsibilities at work. Avoid applying for any personal as well as business loan unless called for. There can be enemies in disguise trying to harm your reputation, so stay alert. Health can be a cause of concern so track your overall eating habits. Your younger co-borns may require your help, so try to be available for them.


Venus would transit to the 5th house, and it is likely to deliver good results. You’ll get new opportunities for learning and acquiring a fresh skill set. Your income would rise, and there are strong chances for valuable additions to your investment portfolio. Long-distance pilgrimage is on the cards, and it is likely to have a lasting impact on your life. Stay away from infatuation and assess any/all kinds of love affair possibilities coming your way as some of them might be deceiving also. Try to spend some quality time with your children. Work-life would be stable.


Venus would transit to the 4th house, and it is likely to deliver good results. It can be an excellent time to buy a new vehicle, so do not hesitate in case you have been planning to buy one. Family, as well as work life, would be very balanced and rewarding in nature. It also appears to be a good time to clear off family disputes and property-related matters. This time would throw some good degree of ease on almost every well-directed action towards family and work. Stay away from too much luxury and enjoyment; otherwise, this time can turn harmful. Your wife/love interest would be a prominent source of happiness to you.

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Venus would transit to 3rd house, and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Your actions may not yield desired results, so you should factor in all possible outcomes in your calculations. Travel may not be very fruitful, so make wise decisions related to it. Creativity can happen at its best, but the benefits would accrue in the future. There can be some occasions of discord with your spouse/love interest so stay diplomatic in dealing. There can be some unwanted expenditures, and you need to avoid incurring expenditure on impulse; otherwise, there can be an excessive outflow of cash from your pocket.


Venus would transit to the 2nd house, and it is likely to deliver good results. Your investments would deliver profit, and you would be getting some good opportunities to make fresh additions to your portfolio. Your speech would become very useful, and it should be an excellent time to take your superiors and clients into confidence and squeeze some benefits from them. Do not be expressive about your future plans and your current strategies, as there can be some enemies in hiding trying to harm your image. The income pattern would be very smooth, and you try to create an additional source of income for you.


Venus would transit to Lagna/First house, and it is likely to deliver good results. It appears to be a good time for getting married to be wedding bells time for all eligible bachelors. Your overall personality, especially physical looks, would put across an aura, and there would be a degree of magnetism in it. Just remember to use it in the right direction. Work would be gratifying, and you should take the lead in all result-oriented activities. The results would attune with your actions and think, and you should not wait to ask for favors from your immediate superiors. It would be an advantageous time for students, and they are likely to excel in their studies.


Venus would transit to the 12th house, and it is likely to deliver good results. There can be an emergence of an evident foreign connection to work, which is expected to be a very profitable opportunity. A long-distance journey probably on account of work appears to be on the cards, and you should make an effort not to let it go away. Such an opportunity is very likely to deliver lasting benefits. You would be spending on luxuries, so better watch out for excesses. It would be wise to include others in your happiness. There can be an occasion where you would enjoy material pleasures and have a deep spiritual insight into human life.


Venus would transit to the 11th house, and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Stay away from any shortcut to success. Occult/research/probationary activities can generate good results, so make appropriate selections. It would be a good time to exhibit your talents and versatility in front of others, so go full throttle. Limited trading-based activities can generate profits but do not go for too much of it. Else, there can be potential losses. This time would be enjoyable, but you need to choose where you extract that happiness from. Cash flow would be even.

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Aacharya Aaditya

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