Venus goes direct! Are good times back?

The holiday season is in and so is Venus! Yes, Venus, the ruler of love, beauty and harmony has finally turned direct. There will be no better time than this special week to fall in love with someone. Singles will feel extraordinarily happy and will not feel shy about expressing their feelings to the one they love. Venus turned direct on November 18, 2010. It must have been a great day for you. Those of you who are about to tie the knot can expect an exciting married life ahead. A dull marriage simply won’t do for you. The effects of a direct Venus will be felt on all aspects of your relationship and you will get some great opportunities to set out on an adventure. For some of you fun will give way to something more serious like commitment.

How will it affect you?

Aries- The next few days will be all about reuniting with old friends and renewing old ties.

Taurus- A romantic encounter with someone you like at work is highly indicated.

Gemini- Interactions with your latest crush will fill your mind with happy thoughts and you will be in a good mood.

Cancer- Committing to the one you love will come easy to you during this time.

Leo- Others will find you irresistible and some may even fight for your attention!

Virgo- You will surprise even yourself with all the fun things that you will be doing soon.

Libra- You will want to perk things up in your life, especially if you are single.

Scorpio- Venus turning direct will deepen the intimacy that you share with your loved one.

Sagittarius- You may finally convince your sweetheart to go away with you on a short weekend trip.

Capricorn- You will be emotionally satisfied as there will be increased harmony in your personal relationships.

Aquarius- Your impulsive streak may not be as bad as you think, as you end up having a great time with your friends.

Pisces- Venus turning direct has a wonderful influence on your love life and you are more than happy to make your loved ones feel special.


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