Venus enters Taurus on May 28, 2014

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Venus enters Taurus on May 28, 2014

The planet of Love Venus will enter into Taurus on May 28, 2014 and this is an indication of good times ahead for lovers. Venus in her home turf will enhance sensuality and desires will be awakened. This romantic phase will last till June 22, 2014. When Venus was residing in Aries, you may have ignored your partner's wishes and spent more time focusing on your own wants and needs.

Loyalty will be crucial and relationships that lack this essential element may not have roots that can bind a couple together through hard times. This may also lead to uncalled for arguments between couples over trivial issues. It's all or nothing and you will certainly not settle for casual romances. Taurus is a sign known for its dedication and devotion. Marriage will be sacred during this phase and you may find a partner worth spending the rest of your life with. Commitment will not be a problem and it will come naturally to you now.

You will be devoted to your partner and there's nothing you won't do to create happy memories together. The running away from responsibilities comes to an end and you are willing to work on making your relationship stronger and better. Compromises for the sake of your partner's happiness will come easily, as you will be more than willing to go that extra mile to maintain balance and harmony.

What to expect when your Venus sign is Taurus -

The Venus in Taurus person is all about pleasing the senses, discovering beauty in the comfort of the arms of a lover. You find bliss when at home with your lover and when there’s material comfort to keep you in a happy state. There’s calm and peace in the home of a Venus in Taurus lover and blessed are those who have someone so caring in their life. You go about fulfilling the desires of those you care about and those who are close to you. You are not afraid of letting your feelings get crushed in your attempts to please someone. You are very possessive and you expect your partner to reassure you of their love in as expressive a manner as possible.

Love for you is a selfless act where there's no winning or losing but there are times when you feel jealous. You must rise above such petty feelings and you will do well by trying to work things out. Taurus is a fixed sign and when you commit, it is always for the long term. Casual relationships where your emotions are not invested will do nothing for you and you will not be satisfied. Your quest to find that right person you can get married to and build a life together will bring much happiness to you.