Valentine’s Week Love Predictions: 08 to 14 February 2022

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Valentine Week Love Predictions - 08 to 14 February 2022

Love Predictions for Valentine Week 8th to 14th February 2022

As we step into February, the month of love and romance, it seems that the cosmos are wishing love and happiness on us, with something special in store for all the twelve signs of the zodiac. The New Moon in Aquarius on Febaury 01 brings love back in our life and luckily, its positive effects last for about 2 weeks, making February a very special month for all of us. Mercury has Direct on February 04 may slow down things, but on the upside, it will give us time to evaluate and analyse our relationships. New opportunities will pour in, thanks to the positive movement of Uranus and Jupiter.  Do you need help with Kundli matching? If yes, then turn to Astroyogi astrologers.  

Read on to know what special surprises the Valentine week of February has in store for you. 

Aries Love Predictions for Valentine Week

February will offer a refreshing change in your life as Mercury in your eleventh house of partnerships boosts your chances of finding ‘the one’. If you are already in a relationship, this may mean more happiness in your love life. Your partner may have been acting secretive for the past few days. Don’t read too much into it; they must be planning something special to woo you but if you act too nosy that might just irritate them. Old friends may come back into your life but be wary of an ex flame causing turbulence in your existing relationship. February 7 and February 8 will be especially lucky for your love life. 

Taurus Love Predictions for Valentine Week

The New Supermoon on Febaury 01 had boosted your professional sector but it is love that will be ruling your mind this week. And that’s not all; since your ruling planet Venus has now gone direct (on January 29) you can take a deep breath and hit the dating scene, if you are still single. Those who are committed will be inclined to do something special for their partner. However, beware of the Mercury has direct on February 4th. Even though luck is on your side, avoid beginning anything new, especially a new relationship. Wait out till February is behind you; till then being friends will be your best bet. 

Gemini Love Predictions for Valentine Week

For you dear Gemini, February will prove to be the month that fulfills all your wishes and brings you the gift of love. The powerful New Moon on Febaury 01 lights your home of fame and fortune. The first week of February will be especially special and will fill your life with the most beautiful of moments. Valentine’s Day may come early for you, as the cosmos bolster your love life. Jupiter in your house of income further will allow you to spend more. So, don’t hesitate and think of a nice gift (even if it is expensive) for your partner. The only minor glitch is Mercury, your ruling planet that may prevent you from beginning a new relationship, if you are single. 

Cancer Love Predictions for Valentine Week

Even though your attention will be focused on your work and finances, love wouldn’t be far behind. Feelings of love and affection for your partner will overcome you, as the week ends.  You would be thinking of ways to make your partner feel special. Mars is in your house of family and ensures harmony and positivity on the domestic front. February 5 and February 10 will bring some positive news for you. It might be the turning point in your relationship when you get ready to take things to the next level.

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Leo Love Predictions for Valentine Week

Single and ready to mingle? You wouldn’t have to wait till Valentine’s to find someone new or reignite the spark in your relationship, as the cosmos bestow you with charm and allure to attract the attention of the one you love. However, Mercury in your house of partnerships may have an adverse effect on your relationships, particularly if you are thinking of cementing your bond with your partner with something special. February 8, 9th and 10th will be the best days of the week to surprise your love by taking them out on a date or give them a little teaser of what to expect on Valentine’s Day. 

Virgo Love Predictions for Valentine Week

This week gives you respite from all those hectic days of the past. Virgo, even though you will have your plate full with work, you will be able to find some time for yourself and your partner, thanks to the Mercury retrograde. Around February 9 someone who had been harbouring feelings for you might reveal themselves to you. This is certainly a good time for your love life. 

Libra Love Predictions for Valentine Week

All thanks to the New Moon on Febaury 01, the cosmos will help you reveal your fun loving personality, as your attention shifts on socializing and having fun. And it is during one of these parties and events, that you may discover someone who shares your thoughts about life. It is high time you ditched your single status and hit the dating scene. Your work and responsibilities have been taken care of, so why not take a little break and do what your heart desires. Also, the quirky Uranus springs up many surprises for you-most of which will be related to your love life and will be a source of immense happiness. 

Scorpio Love Predictions for Valentine Week

Luck will be on your side this February and so will be love, dear Scorpio. The New Moon in Aquarius impels you to open your heart to love. A new love may walk into your life. Or if you are in a relationship, it could mean that an issue that has been a source of much distress between you and your partner will be resolved. Kiss and make up is what you must do as Valentine’s Day is not far away and you wouldn’t want something as silly as this to spoil this lovely day for you. The cosmos urge you to put it all behind you and move on. 

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Sagittarius Love Predictions for Valentine Week

Venus has turned direct on January 29 and the New Moon in Aquarius on Febaury 01 will resuscitate old plans. What is it that you always wanted to do for your partner but were never able to or felt too shy? Now is the time to do it. You may be planning to go on a trip or perhaps even a romantic getaway with your partner. Friends will play an important role in bringing you closer to the one you love. Watch out for some good news around the 8th of February.

Capricorn Love Predictions for Valentine Week

You may find that your finances have improved by leaps and bounds, so make no excuses to do something special for your partner this Valentine’s Day. Throughout February and also March, your love life will be in the limelight, as you get ready to commit to the one you love. Some of you may even find yourself getting married by the end of the month. Cappies in relationships will be able to appreciate the little things that your partner does for you. Express your gratitude and love by gifting them something special or doing something special; something as simple as offering to do a chore for them will serve to strengthen your relationship and nourish your bond. 

Aquarius Love Predictions for Valentine Week

The new Moon in Aquarius may be a little partial to you, dear Aquarius. Lucky you! Get ready for a month full of surprises, as the cosmos shower you with happiness and bliss. If you are single, someone that you meet while travelling or at a different location may catch your fancy. You may hit it off with this new person almost instantly and may feel the urge to ask them out. This is a good idea, if you keep it to friendship, at least till February, as Mercury retrograde is not an ideal time to begin a new relationship. The next month will surely be a good time to take things forward. The most romantic days of the week will be the 7th and 8th of February.

Pisces Love Predictions for Valentine Week

Love and romance will occupy your mind for a major part of February. After all, February is the month of love. You will go out of your way to woo your partner. For singles too, February will offer many opportunities to find someone interesting. Since Venus has turned direct, it’s time to get some fun back in your life. Have the hots for someone? Being a little creative and skillful in taking that first big step is advisable, as Mercury Retrograde may pour cold water on your plans. So beware and if possible, try to ask them out in the first week of February itself.

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