US President Trump Visit India on 24 Feb 2020: An Astrological Analysis

bell icon Mon, Feb 24, 2020
Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
US President Donald Trump Visit India on 24 Feb 2020: An Astrological Analysis

The current President of the USA, Mr Donald Trump along with wife and delegation would be visiting India on 24th Feb 2020. It would be his first visit to India since he was elected as the President of the USA. 

At the micro-level, both Mr Modi and Mr Trump have just come out of the influence of Sade Sati in their birth chart. Also, both happen to have Scorpio Moon Ascendant. The last phase of Sade Sati ended with Saturn’ transit to Capricorn on 24-01-2020. With the end of Sade Sati, the upcoming period for both of them would be bright and prosperous. 

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Somewhere the timing of this visit appears to be very favourable for both the nations. 

Historically both these nations have shared common ground with regards to national growth, people safety and fight against terrorism. 

Astrologically the 7th house deals with foreign relations in Mundane Astrology and both India and US horoscopes are experiencing favourable influences in the 7th house. The horoscope of India is ruled by the fierce Mars which is currently placed in Sagittarius with Jupiter. India’s association with the US delegation is likely to be very strategic and result oriented. Likewise, the US horoscope is ruled by Venus which is currently exalted in the 5th house. Strategy combined with the action-oriented approach is one of the best combinations to get things moving in a positive direction. 

Since the heads of two states are representing their people, we cannot undermine the role of the Sun. For India Sun is currently placed in the 10th house in Aquarius thereby turning it Digbali/directionally strong. As for the US, Sun is currently placed in the 4th house aspecting the 10th house so it is again a good placement to influence the ruler/head of the state/current administration to think clearly and take seasoned decisions about the welfare of the two nations.


Some important deals and pacts related to the field of science, technology, defence and trade will be affected positively. 

Mr Modi being an astute negotiator would give Mr Trump a hard time in negotiations and some more rounds of negotiations/meetings may be required to sign deals in certain areas. The presence of Mars in Lagna and Sun-Rahu conjunction in the 10th house makes it difficult for Mr Trump to take dictations from anyone. At the same point of time, there is the presence of Mars in Scorpio in Mr Modi’ Lagna delivers him an ability to weigh and make very appropriate choice of words in his speech to take things in his favour.

All in all, there is one particular area where the two nations have a common interest i.e. The fight against terrorism and creating an environment for a better peace.   

Let's hope that this meeting creates better ties among the two nations.


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