Unconventional Arjun Kapoor Busy Finding Fanny!

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Unconventional Arjun Kapoor busy Finding Fanny!

When the handsome hunk in 2 States sang Locha-e-ulfat every female in the country knew that the new heartthrob has announced his arrival out and loud. Even those who found his rowdy avatar in Ishaqzaade unlikeable, could not help but fall for this cute, nerdy guy. And now this guy who started off as an assistant director in Kal Ho Na Ho, will soon be enthralling us with yet another movie. Yes, Arjun Kapoor will soon be seen again in an English-language, offbeat movie - Finding Fanny. The story of Finding Fanny is about an old man who sets out with an odd bunch of five people in tow, to find the one woman that he loved all his life but was never able to approach with his affection-Stephanie Fernandez i.e. Fanny. This bunch of oddballs is characterized by stalwarts like Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia, Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor himself. Though this does not sound like a conventional Bollywood movie, Arjun Kapoor is certain that the Indian audience is ready to digest such 'offbeat' storie; that the audience is mature enough to appreciate a movie devoid of the regular Bollywood song and dance routine but is exceptionally strong on the story line is a belief that even the most gutsy people in the industry don't carry but this young lad does!

Whether the audience is ready or not is something that only time can tell but the fact that Arjun Kapoor as an actor is not averse to unconventional, risky roles is evident from his contention. Arjun was unconventional as a child too. He dropped out of school after failing in class 12th and started working as the assisting staff on various movie sets. This is where his indoctrination into the world of cinema took place. When it came to beginning his career, instead of choosing some 'lover boy' kind of a character, he chose to start off as a ruffian who falls in love with the wrong girl in his debut film Ishaqzaade. This was followed by a critically acclaimed performance in Aurangzeb and a commercial success in Gunday and 2 States. Such diversity in roles and that too at the beginning of his career, when most others stick to safer roles, distinguishes him from others of his ilk.

This propensity to do and advocate the unconventional fearlessly is something that is reflected in Arjun's astrological and numerological profile too. Born on June 26, 1985 Arjun's sunsign is Cancer while his ruling number is 8. The ruling number makes him steadfast and constant in his efforts to achieve a certain goal and the same is evident from his efforts to become a better, more versatile actor. Cancerian men are characterized by a changeable personality and the ease with which this relatively new actor has been adapting to his various roles with, stands testimony to this quality. Here's hoping that we get to see more of Arjun Kapoor in even more unconventional roles!