Two Totally Opposite Sides of Every Zodiac

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Two Totally Opposite Sides of Every Zodiac

Everyone has their good traits. But these good traits can have an opposite effect if the situation is outside our comfort zone. There are two totally opposite sides of every zodiac sign.

Aries- The most energetic sign, Aries are known for their zeal and zest for life. However, what is a hidden truth about the zodiac is that they tend to get irritated easily.

Taurus- While on one hand you can always rely on a Taurus to complete a given task, they can actually be quite lazy if they are not motivated enough or when they do not feel like doing the work.

Gemini- Gemini are the most adjusting and flexible zodiac. But this trait of the twin sign can actually leave them in two minds, making it difficult for them to take decisions, and they end up switching between things due to their inconsistency.

Cancer- If you want a brilliant idea, a Cancer is your go-to person. They will amaze you with their creative and innovative ideas. However, because of their emotional nature, they can be pessimistic about their thoughts and tend to abandon tasks, even if they are working well.

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Leo- Always kind and helpful, a Leo will manage to also inspire you with their optimism. But they also have a dark side as they tend to be headstrong and arrogant when it comes to their ego.

Virgo- The most intelligent and practical sign, they are the problem solvers for those around them. Though, because they are very detail-oriented, they tend to get overcritical and fussy about the little things.

Libra- While being very tactful and diplomatic, a Libra will always play fair. But since they like to consider everyone’s viewpoint and try to always find a compromise or middle ground, it can cause them to be indecisive.

Scorpio- Despite their passionate nature, their jealous and possessive side can often be difficult to handle. They also use this possessive side to plot their revenge if they feel betrayed.

Sagittarius- Sagittarius is adventurous and outgoing. Because of their need for thrill, if a mundane situation or task requires them to focus for very long, they tend to get restless and agitated.
Capricorn- Because they are driven and motivated by success, their work is their top priority in life, inspite of them being family oriented. This often leaves them with less time for their families. Their workaholic nature can often cause their loved ones to feel neglected.

Aquarius- Always on the move, Aquarius love to travel and meet new people. Despite the fact that they tend to be very interesting, they can often be emotionally unavailable. They do not trust people easily, and take time to open up to others, while others easily confide in them.

Pisces- Pisces are the most sensitive and caring sign, but because of this, they can also be quite gullible, and have a hard time dealing with the hard realities of life. They make wonderful partners, but at the same time need alone time every now and then.