Today’s IPL Match Prediction: GT vs LSG

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Tarot Pooja By Tarot Pooja
Today’s IPL Match Prediction: GT vs LSG

On March 28, 2022, at 19:30 hours, at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, an exciting match between GT (Gujarat Titans) and LSG (Lucknow Super Giants) will occur. Hardik Pandya, an experienced all-rounder, is the skipper of GT. Nonetheless, LSG is led by K L Rahul, a former Punjab Kings skipper. Both teams are brand new for the 15th League of Tata IPL 2022.

Every IPL fan is looking forward to the match's start and watching the outcomes on their televisions and mobile devices with bated breath! Astroyogi presents you experienced astrologers' predictions for today's IPL match, which can reveal some fascinating insights. Let's learn a little more about the teams and see who has a chance to win.

Gujarat Titans - Hardik Pandya (Captain)

Hardik Pandya is an Indian international cricketer who plays for Baroda in domestic cricket. The GT team has a team line with Rashid Khan, Vijay Shankar, David Miller, and Dominic Drakes.

Lucknow Super Giants - K L Rahul (Captain)

K L Rahul is an Indian international cricketer, and he is the current vice-captain of the India national cricket team in all formats. The LSG team has a team line with Krunal Pandya, Avesh Khan, Deepak Hooda, and Marcus Stoinis.

Who Will Win Today’s IPL Match?

If we consider the Astrological perspective of this match, keeping in view the horoscopes of the skippers and the day analysis, we can understand the following things.

Hardik Pandya was born under Gemini Ascendant with a strong

Moon in the 2nd house, making him mentally tough and a good orator with excellent command over his team. Sun is quite strong as well and in the friendly house. Rahu is in the enemy house, giving him the strength to defeat his opponents.

On the other hand, K L Rahul was born under Sagittarius Ascendant. Rahu is in the 9th house, which gives him a win when stakes are significant. Sun is quite strong and in the 5th house giving him maturity and polished situation handling skills when the pressure on the field is high.


As of now, we can tell you which team has the best probability of winning based on astrological predictions. In today's match, K L Rahul and his team appear to have the upper hand over the GT team led by Hardik Pandya. However, because cricket is known for its unpredictable nature, only time will tell who will emerge victoriously.

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