The Zodiac Girl Child

Wed, Dec 12, 2018
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Dec 12, 2018
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
The Zodiac Girl Child

Your little princess, as cute and adorable as she is, can give you a hard time catering to her special needs and wants. Understanding the unique characteristics of your daughter dearest will help you know her special talents, find out ways to hone them and also become a better parent.


If your little angel is an Aries, she is most likely to be a daddy's girl. Aries girls are extremely close to their father and share a special bond with them. She may even prefer to dress like daddy, as frilly dresses and fancy frocks are not her thing. However, while she may not fuss over her clothes, she will ask you to get her a lot of toys and games; she has an active mind and needs something to stay occupied. She may also enjoy competition. Encouraging her to take part in competitive sports and events will help hone her skills and boost her confidence. And as much as she likes her toys, she also loves to play educational games and solve puzzles.


Ruled by Venus, children belonging to this sign are very particular about the clothes they wear.  Let her choose her own clothes. And, when you are confused about what to wear, you can count on your little girl to help you out too. Taurus girls are quite the fashionistas of the zodiac. She can be a bit lazy though and will be inclined to procrastinate. Since Taurus rules the throat, it would be wise to get her enrolled in music classes. Taurus children are also quite attached to their families, which is why they prefer to spend time with their siblings rather than friends.


If you have a Gemini daughter, you better keep your home stocked with books on various subjects, for she is going to ask a LOT of questions. Gemini, being an air sign is one of the most intellectual signs of the zodiac and your Gemini daughter is no exception. You must give her plenty of toys to play with, as she tends to get bored easily. Better yet, get her books to read; she may start reading and writing before the other kids. Also, activities that allow her to be in the public sphere would make her happy. She may be a bit chatty, so avoid talking about personal issues in front of your daughter. You may not know it, but she may be passing on your family secrets to the whole world.


As the proud parent of a Cancer daughter, you are likely to have your home full of dolls, teddies and toys and trust her to take good care of her belongings. And if you are sick or unwell, she will do her best to comfort you.  Cancer is the sign of the nurturer and your little daughter may don the role of a protector from time to time. Like other water signs, privacy is important to your Cancer daughter too. There will be times when she may not want to interact and will choose to stay in her room, which she would have painstakingly decorated with the things she likes. That's the time when you shouldn't bother her and just let her be. She is a sensitive soul, be extra affectionate and compassionate with her.


She will be the star of your home. Charming, beautiful and gregarious, she attracts attention wherever she goes and whatever she does. But your little pumpkin might have a fragile ego.  You will have to walk a tight rope, as she may get hurt if she doesn't get the attention she craves for and too much attention can turn her into a brat. Who said taking care of children is easy? It certainly isn't but here's an easy tip which will help you handle her tantrums. She has an artistic streak within her, so give her paints and brushes to channel her energy into something constructive.


Ever so pleasing and charming, your Virgo daughter will try her best to keep you happy. From offering to do chores for you to making you a cup of tea when you are unwell, she will always be there for you. But your little princess may be a bit harsh on herself and may even suffer from anxiety and low self-esteem. This is why you must reassure her by rewarding her and applauding her efforts.  She learns by observing and may like to read books and watch TV. Get her educational DVDs and organise frequent trips to scenic locations. Virgo is an earth sign and your Virgo daughter would love to be surrounded by nature.


The most charming of all, Libran girls are little divas that never throw tantrums. They have a heart of gold and were born with the wisdom to differentiate between right and wrong.  Ruled by Venus, she loves all things pretty and will make sure that everything that surrounds her is pretty - from the clothes she wears, to her room and even the way she conducts herself.  And since Libra is the sign of the scales, you may find her acting as the peacemaker during feuds with friends.


Your Scorpio daughter will be fiercely competitive but may avoid taking part in team sports and group activities. She would rather choose to spend time with her favourite toys, favourite books and her favourite friends. She picks her favourites in everything and that may include a favourite parent too. Nonetheless, she will be quite attached to her family. She has an elephant's memory and will remember events from her childhood forever, so try to keep the home atmosphere as calm as possible.


She's a little rebel. She would have demanded a bicycle as soon as she was born and soon she will be pestering you for a car, so be prepared. Your Sagittarius daughter is a free spirit and will want to live her life her own way.  Fair and quick to realise her mistakes, your daughter isn't an arrogant child; she just needs her space which may be more than what other children need. Give her books on different cultures and places with a lot of pictures and imagery.


You might find your Capricorn daughter secretly trying on your clothes. She loves to be you. Even as a little girl, she will make sure that everything is in order. She has a strong sense of duty and will want to be at the helm of affairs.  She will take good care of her younger siblings and will even rebuke them like a mother, if the need arises. That's where you need to step in and remind her that being boisterous and domineering is not a good thing. Even though she may act mature and wise, she's after all a child and you must give her the attention she needs.


She'll get straight A's in her exams, so you will never have to bother about her grades in school. Her thoughts may be radical but deep. Yes, your Aquarius daughter may turn out to be a little genius, if you already didn't know. She will want to know about everything from the Big Bang Theory to why people die; she may not show it, but she has an emotional side too. Don't talk rudely to her or she may start snapping at you. From a young age she will expect you to treat her as an equal. Taking her out often will keep her satisfied, as new places and people help her learn and grow.


She has a gentle heart and might get hurt by the slightest of things but she may not tell you that; the onus will be on you to find out. Although she will be open to sharing with her friends, it may break her heart when she finds out that others are not as sacrificing and compassionate as her. She may have to learn some lessons the hard way. Also, since she loves to be in the limelight, it would be advisable to get her enrolled in theatre, arts or music classes to channel her inner creativity. 

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