The Vibrant Festival of Holi

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
The Vibrant Festival of Holi

Holi, the festival of colors is here again to fill our lives with a lot of joy and excitement on the 10th of March. People all over the world have their own way of celebrating the Holi festival. Some celebrate it with a lot of fervor and some prefer to celebrate it in a more intimate way but no matter what, this is a festival that makes everyone happy and excited.


Since this festival is all about colors, wouldn’t it be fun to know what these colors actually denote. Have you ever wondered why you prefer one color over another? Astroyogi experts are here to tell you how colors impact your zodiac sign. Get ready to treat your eyes and senses to the colors that work best for you.


Aries: For the fire sign Aries, red color is the most suitable as it enhances the warmth of the people born under this sign. This color defines love, courage, and confidence; all related to your sign. Red will definitely lift your spirits. The other colors recommended for you are green and pink.


Taurus: The color blue is the most suitable for the earth sign Taurus. The reason is that blue is a cool color that can have a soothing effect on this bull-headed earth sign. It will enhance your intellectual growth and will bring peace and stability in your life. Apart from blue, green is also recommended for you.


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Gemini: You are an active sign, full of life and vigor. Nothing works better for you than sunshine yellow. It does wonders for you as it boosts your energy and brings prosperity. The other colors are silver and pearl grey. Also, these colors will brighten your chances to enjoy and have a wonderful time with friends and family.


Cancer: The emotional and sensitive Cancer can find solace and peace in white. This sign is known to be prone to mood swings and cool colors like white that have a calming effect on them. Other colors like pale blue and silver will also work wonders for them.


Leo: The royal Lion need colors that can add a calming effect to its fierceness. You do best by wearing bright shades like blood red, gold, and copper. These colors go hand in hand when it comes to enhancing your dynamic presence.


Virgo: For the practical Virgo, the best colors would be peach, yellow and brown. Since you are also an earthy sign; nature’s color green can also add a touch of liveliness and well-being.


Libra: For you, colors like brown, violet and light blue can add a healing touch. These colors enhance your level of understanding and keep you in a calm state of mind. You can see your mood improve dramatically when you add these colors to your life.


Scorpio: The mysterious and intense Scorpio should mostly opt for dark colors like maroon, dark red, grey and black. Contrary to popular belief, dark shades can have a positive effect on you.


Sagittarius: Freedom-loving and adventure enthusiast Sagittarius should opt for colors like purple, vermillion, and indigo. These colors are special for you as it can help you control your sudden temper flare-ups.


Capricorn: Colors like black, dark brown and blue can help you channel positive energies around you. These colors add an earthy touch and can make you dependable and bring a sense of stability in your life.


Aquarius: Indigo is your color any day as it is most likely to bring peace when your life gets too busy. This color definitely has a healing effect on you and certainly improves your atmosphere. Apart from this, the colors green and red are wonderful for you.


Pisces: You will always feel your best in red. The color red has a soothing effect on your sensitive emotions and you feel confident in this color. Other colors that can also help you enhance your luck are magenta, green, purple and yellow.