The Venus Transit From Gemini to Cancer On 21st August And Its Impact On Your Destiny

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The Venus Transit From Gemini to Cancer On 21st August And Its Impact On Your Destiny

Venus is considered to be the lord of Taurus and Libra in Vedic astrology. Venus is considered to be a benefic planet and the key significator of love life and conjugal affairs. Therefore, the transit of Venus is very important from an astrological perspective. Venus transited from Gemini to Cancer on the 21st of August. Read on to know how this Venus will affect your zodiac sign.

(Please note that these predictions are based up on moon signs)

Aries- Venus will reside in your fourth house after the transit which is the house pertaining to your happiness and general well-being. Venus in the fourth house is always considered to be a strong factor for forming the coveted ‘Rajyog’. Business people will earn good profits during the time period. Natives who have been trying for an overseas partnership will be able to strike the deal.

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Taurus- Venus will be placed in your third house after the transit. The unfavorable conjunction with Mars may keep away the benefits of this transit from you. But things would even out after the Mars transit from Cancer to Leo on the 25th of March. You may feel a bit jealous about the success or growth of a colleague or friend during this time period. You don’t have to be, just believe in yourself and put in a bit more effort if required, you can easily achieve what you want

Gemini - The transit of Venus will bring this key significator of Love relationships to your second house which may take a toll on your savings. Students may find it hard to concentrate and focus in studies during this time period. You should restrain from lending your hard earned money because it may be hard to get back that amount.

Cancer- Venus will be placed in your first house after the transit, which would cause some negative impacts on your health. You are advised by our expert astrologers to stay safe from fire and hot objects, as there are chances of burn injuries. You will enjoy a healthy family life during this time period. Natives who are living away from their mother will either get the chance to meet her and spend some quality time with her.

Leo- With Venus in your twelfth house you may experience an increase in your expenses. You may spend a chunk of your hard earned money on medical bills. You should be careful about head injuries and eye related diseases. Be wary of your enemies as they may cause some harm.

Virgo- Venus will visit your eleventh house which is also the house of profit and financial gains after the transit.  You may be deprived of benefits of this favorable positioning for some time due to the conjunction of Venus with Mars in Cancer.  You can expect some financial gains after the transit of Mars from Cancer to Leo on the 25th of August. During this time period, you may find that you are a bit more inclined towards spirituality and religion.

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Libra- Venus in your tenth house may cause some minor physical ailments. There are also chances of some turbulence in married life or relationships. You should try to be more empathetic and deal such situations with resentment and composure. You will be able to excel in your work front with hard work and will be appreciated and recognized by the management. However, be wary of some jealous colleagues who may try to bring you down with some false allegations or conspiracy.

Scorpio - For Scorpio natives, Venus will be positioned in their ninth house. You may be influenced by some negative thoughts or company during this time period.  Don’t do anything impulsively, you should have absolute control over your life and decisions. Those who are single may meet someone very interesting during a social gathering or function. Work will be very hectic for Scorpio natives, but it will also bring in an opportunity to prove your metal.

Sagittarius – This transit brings Venus into your eighth house. Financial gains are on the cards. You may receive some funds from unexpected sources or get back some money which you had written off as bad debt. However, you may be caught up in some legal hassles during this time period so you are advised to stay away from any trouble.

Capricorn – Venus in the seventh house may bring in some friction with your better half. You may be troubled and stressed about the same during this time period. An old friend or colleague may visit you during this time period and you will spend some quality time with them. Your work will be noticed in office and you should make sure that you don’t do any careless mistakes.

Aquarius- Venus visits your sixth house and you would enjoy some quality time spent with family and friends during this time period. You may finally go for that dream vacation which you have been planning for long. You have worked hard and when it’s time to have some fun, you should enjoy it to the fullest. Be wary of what you are eating and drinking as stomach related ailments are on the cards. You will recognize and appreciate your partner's support and contribution in daily life during this tenure.

Pisces – Venus visits your fifth house which is the house is pertaining to children and education. Couples who are planning to have a baby can expect to hear the good news after the Mars Transit from cancer, i.e after 25th of August. Students will do very well in exams and competitive examinations. You may have some disagreements with your siblings or cousins, but things will be sorted out. So don’t be very much tensed about these issues.

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