The Significance of Shani Pradosh by Acharya Aaditya

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The Significance of Shani Pradosh by Acharya Aaditya

Pradosh is an event that happens on the conjunction/sandhi of Dwadashi tithi (12th tithi) and Trayodashi (13th tithi). There are two Paksha during a month namely Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha so Pradosh happens twice a month. It is dedicated for Shiv Pooja and Rudrabhishek, Panchamrit snan and recitation of stotra dedicated to Lord Shiva are considered very auspicious. Observing fast on this day is also known to grant many boons.

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Pradosh falling on a Saturday is known as Shani Pradosh and it considered very important in relation to Shiv Pooja as well as all kind of worship to appease Lord Shanidev. Pradosh would start at 19:09 PM and end at 21:11 PM and this would be best time to worship Lord Shiv.


The legend speaks of the fact that Lord Shiv happens to be Lord Shanidev’ mentor and worshipping him (Lord Shiv) negates Shanidev’ influence in an individual’ life. Such worship is better than performing any other remedy as Lord Shiv is also “Ashutosh” i.e. who get satisfied very quickly. Observing fast on this day and reciting Pradosh Katha is also very beneficial.


Everyone should perform pooja on this day but it is more important for individuals who are born under Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn Moon Ascendants as they are observing different phases of Sade Sati. Also it would be good for individuals who are born under Virgo Moon Ascendant as they are observing Shani Dhaiya.


Currently Saturn is retrograde and it would turn direct only on 06-09-18. Retrograde Saturn can act very erratic and delay/create obstacles in life so it is a wonderful opportunity to settle it through Pradosh Pooja.


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